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The best & worst of 2006

Few more hours, it'll already be another brand new year. Personally, 2006 was indeed a challenging year for me but hey, like what they say "What doesn't kill you will just makes you stronger..." Not that i'm physically stronger whatsoever but i think 2006 has made me thought over a lot of things. Here's my top 10 best and worst of what have happened in 2006. Top 10 worst.. #10. Leaving KL just when i was about to 'enjoy' life.. #09. Stoping my youth life and move on to a really young adult life. (in other words, work!) #08. Failing my law exam while getting my driving license. #07. Still single despite assuring myself that 2006 is still a long way to go before it ends. Bahahaha... #06. Getting grounded from flying overseas. #05. Spending a hefty amount on my car after several accidents. #04. Being pressured to take more responsibilities in the family. #03. Putting on weight.. #02. Realizing the cruel facts of life from different aspects. #01. Dad b

Dreaming of a White Christmas...

Just a quick flashback to my childhood. I remember when i was young, i've always been fascinated with what i see on TV. It was especially during Christmas time that my eyes would really glow whenever they start playing Christmas movies on TV2 . The snow, the presents, the family gatherings, the Christmas tree, every little thing about Christmas just brings a smile on my face. Of course, Santa Claus too. Yes, i've actually believed that Santa Claus existed. I could fondly remember once telling my dad that i'm gonna stay up all night for Christmas just to wait for Santa Claus to come to which he laughed and say "Sure, you want me to leave the gate and door open for him since we don't have a chimney?" Anyway, i kinda grew out of the whole Santa thing but once in a while whenever i come across stuffs about him, i just smile and reminisce about my childhood. But today was different though. I was reading Borneo Bulletin and came across an article on some group of

Merry Christmas 2006

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year 2007 to all of you! Here's a video of the handmime we did for Christmas Celebration held at Hua Ho Manggis. In Him

This is my daddy...

This is my daddy on January 2005 when he dropped by KL for a business trip... This is my daddy on June 2005 when the doctors gave a 'false alarm' on my dad's cancer marker.. This is my daddy with on August 2005 before the operation... This is my daddy celebrating his 56th birthday on February 2006 after the operation This is my daddy still able to visit his work site on May 2006 This is my daddy with his 2nd older brother on September 2006 This is my daddy in the hospital celebrating my youngest sister's birthday on December 2006 ... And they say 1 year doesn't make much of a difference in a man's life.... In Him


Just when you thought the world around you was tumbling down, you still have people around you who are willing to offer prayers. Even those that i've never met before personally dropped by the hospital to pray for my dad. And the best part about it? GOD was is there. Dad is feeling much better now but there are still more to come. Thank you so much for all the prayers and do continue to pray for my dad and my family. In Him

Beginning of the end...

Few months ago, he said... "I know my body, i tell you i won't be able to sail through 2006." Now it's already December. The end of 2006. I was feeling a bit relieve that 2007 is coming and that my conscience was true that he was just having a a little faith. But reality slap me in the face last night. He seems to be lost yesterday. At around midnight, we were all surrounding him asking him what's wrong with him because he doesn't seems right. He didn't bother replying. We tried all we could to snap him out of his motionless state but it doesn't seems to work. 1 am, he started vomitting all that we've fed him with. Reluctantly, we had to sent him to the emergency section fearing that he might just collapse there and then. And then the words he told me before flashed back.. "Once i'm admitted to the hospital, that's the end of me...i know my body, son..i won't sail through 2006." Being in the hospital till 6 am was the most exc

Guess who's back?

Doesn't Mr Bean's face just remind you of your childhood days? Only thing is i don't remember him making that much noise back in the old movies...until the cartoon version came out. Anyway, definitely one movie to look forward to in 2007... In Him

Ah..Skius, can i have a bowl of rice?

Let me share something 'Chinese' with you guys for a moment.. Go to a typical restaurant in Brunei, preferabbly some place like Golden Leaf Restaurant or Thien Thien Chicken Rice, sit down and observe the customers. IF there are Chinese (not necessarily China Chinese in this case, just normal Chinese like me... or Josh Lap Lap ...bahahaha!!) do keep an eye on them when they order their food. I might be wrong on this but then again, i've done my experiment a few times and have came down to this conclusion. We, the Chinese people in Brunei Darussalam (not sure in Malaysia or other countries) have quite a number of hand gestures when it comes to having a meal in a restaurant. I'm not talking about knocking your fingers on the table when someone refill your cup of tea (For your information, that particular gesture means thank you which began wayyy back in one of the teng-tong-chiang dynasty. I kinda forgot what my China friend told me back when i was still in KL...) *edit -


I was playing around with my Adobe Photoshop the other day and this thing popped up in the corner of my computer screen... Attention . The one word that some people just want so badly. Didn't know that even electronic devices need them once in a while too. Seeing that i'm so free and bored, that's just what i did. In Him

Your friends at AUSTRALIA!

My patience have literally been put to the test over the past few months. Neither by work nor family or friends but rather by WORD (seriously, i wouldn't recommend you ordering anything from there especially if you're from Brunei) I've ordered a couple of Planetshakers CDs and DVDs through the website say around June 29th and until now, i have not received any single thing. There's still this little teeny hope inside of me that tells me that it might come some day but it was only until 2 days ago i have assumed that's it's really missing (though i really hope it's not !!) . While waiting for the cds and dvds, Planetshakers released another 2 new albums which is sort of like their compilation of their 'greatest' hits praise and worship anthems which i ordered it off their official webstore (it's finally open btw, after "coming soon" for a few years) . But then, i only found out that their store is proudly sponsored by WORD which basi

Selamat Hari Raya!

I like Raya because... 1. I get to meet up with my old friends (though i'm not sure about this year..) 2. Money money money!! 3. The oh-so-delicious rendangs.. 4. You can experience REAL peace on the first day of Raya. 5. Holidays for everyone! I dislike Raya because... 1. Prior to this festival, the whole nation finally comes out of their shell and flock every single fuel station / supermarkets / ATMs for preparation. 2. Good food = Bad body shape 3. The whole work process in the government sector literally slow down for a week or so until they're out of the holiday mood. 4. Fireworks. They tend to bug me a lot. 5. They keep showing the annoying AF people on TV singing the same old Hari Raya songs a million + gazillion times! These are just my personal opinions but nonetheless, to all my friends celebrating this glorious ocassion, allow me to wish you a "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin!" (though i really don't quite know till now what Batin m

Lesen License blues...

Click on the picture and try to tell me what's written on it. Bet you that no matter how much you squinch your eyes, you can't make a word out of it eh? I'm sure most of Brunei's citizen have manage to come across this writing. Not the handwriting of Sultan lah, but rather the "Pegawai Melesen" of Brunei Darussalam. Yes, that mean dude sitting in his room pressing his number button a gazillion times when calling for people in queue! Seriously, he have some issue with that button of his. Plus, that was what i've been trying to do for 40 minutes in the Land Transport Department while waiting for my number to be called. The chairs that they made us sit on just reminded me of the time where i was taking that cursed test...except this time, i'm not re-sitting a test but rather, uh re-applying replacing my driving license That is was first license. Name spelt with an 'O'. What happened to it? Well apparently, Ronald-O's license was in his wa

World Trade Center, director's cut...?

Few nights ago, me and a couple of my friends decided to watch World Trade Center in one of our nation's most prestigous cinema. Of course, there was so much extra effects to add on to the movie that kinda really spiced the whole "climax" that i'm just dying to share this with you guys.. Just as the lights start to dim...right after the trailer, there was rather a strange scent coming from somewhere i'm not really sure. Obviously, that scent couldn't be the smell of the World Trade Center or Nicholas Cage's armpits but if i'm not wrong, it was definitely the smell of... Mind you, the smell of the crackers was pretty much filling up the whole section where i was sitting and this is the type of crackers where the smell really irritates you a lot if YOU are NOT the one eating it...some more it's not the original flavor but it's the tomato flavor! If that wasn't good enough, they had to chew the crackers so hard to inform everyone that the

Mo sut lai...

Just thought of letting you guys know that if you have any interests in Magic (magic as in Criss Angel or David Blaine magic, not Harry Potter magic), do let me know because i have a small little shop that you might want to drop by for a visit. Yes, it's in Brunei by the way! :P By the way, anyone here have any friends/relatives residing in the States? I'm just dying to get my hands on these two beanies. Unfortunately, that online store only ship to customers staying in the States. So tired of trying to find caps to fit my oversized head. In Him

Slowing down...

Have you ever had this feeling where you feel like there's just so much things to do but yet, there's so little time? But if you really think about these 'things' that seems to be so important, it's not really that important at all. It's just that you're doing it to pass time that it's finally becoming to be 'important' to you. And so, the word 'important' just begin to lose it's meaning. Ironically, after weeks of being so busy, today Rev. Johnny was teaching on "Decision Making" where there was one part he gave an example of a workaholic that suddenly just passed out because of over-working. It's not wrong to work your arse off but then, it's time like these where God just allow these to happen and ask you to just slow down and take time out. I've been pretty much caught up with so many things, that honestly, i don't even know why i'm pushing myself. By the end of the day, i feel really exhausted to th

Wonders Of GPRS!

I'm actually updating this using my mobile WOW!


As much as i want to update this blog, it's hard to do it in a cybercafe. My laptop is under repair at the moment due to some screen problem and it'll cost me BND $590.00 to get it fixed. And no, i do not intend to get any new laptop. Will update once my laptop is back.

What the world needs...

I guess that's how Ronald Cheng Lim would look like. That's Basira's new hot boyfriend from Germany :) Anyway, sorry for the lack of updates. Lately there's been so much stuff going on in my head and it doesn't seem like it's gonna be good. But still, no matter how bad my life turns, i won't find any reason to do what my friend chose to do. I won't ellaborate on the whole story as i myself have no idea what's really going on but i'd just like to say, as a friend, i'm really disappointed at the decision he made.. Man attempts suicide at shopping mall By Azlan Othman A 20-year-old cook, allegedly suffering from mental depression, attempted to kill himself at a shopping mall in the capital recently, the second such incident reported in recent weeks. The man, who hails from Sungai Tilong, allegedly tried to commit suicide by trying to inflict injuries with a knife. The police, who received the distress call at around 8.42pm, said cuts and wounds

Excuse me Mr. Cheng Lim

Some of you might have know that i've been away for the past week taking a short break from life. It was an okay trip, didn't really relax nor enjoy cause my main purpose was to collect my certificates from my college and to help out on a concert. Speaking of certifcates, 2 years of hardwork and paying the course's fees on time, the diploma that's given by IMI Switzerland is one of the ugliest diploma ever. Seriously, we paid over RM $20k and studied their "Guten Tag" language every semester just to get us a plain piece of paper designed by a person which i believe that have NO SENSE of creativity. I mean, i know it's going to turn out ugly but not this ugly. No wait, it's way beyond ugly. Swiss people i tell ya...only know how to design properly for Ikea stuffs but not certificates. Tsk tsk! As far as my testimonial is concerned, I got really nice comments from my lecturers but whoever was responsible for typing out the testimonial really needs to g

I'm a murderer?

It was a dog. I know, i know, you guys must've gone like "Aww! How could you?!" but hey, it's not like as if i purposely drove around my area to look for one dog and for the fun of seeing how it flies, just speed my car and bang the crap out of it. Seriously, it's not a good feeling to know that you've taken a life out of something that lives. And it's NOT at all a good feeling to pay a hefty $550 to get it all patched up. Trust me, paying that amount of money just made you feel like you wanna run over that dog a couple more time to make sure it's really dead or something. The car is all good now. And so life goes on... I was at Baiduri Bank (Supasave) this afternoon when something unusual happened. I parked my car and got out, in front of me stood 3 women. Well definitely not God sent women but rather, China women. And here's the funny thing about China women. They're not shy at all. I don't even think they know what the word shy means. An


Study the picture carefully. What do you think the driver of this car have crashed into? A) A water hydrant B) A dog C) The pathway of a building D) None. The car got vandalised!


It's been almost a week since YDM Youth Camp ended. I'm sure all of you who went for the camp have had an ooosome time. I've been thinking of updating this blog for quite sometime but guess i'm running out of ideas to update? I'll just leave you guys with another version of 'From The Inside Out' by Hillsong. It's from their new and latest album entitled "Mighty To Save". Enjoy! In Him


Just to inform those who's interested in joining YDM's Youth Camp 2006, registration is still open until the day the camp starts. It's never too late! And to those who really want to go, but are facing financial difficulties, YDM is willing to sponsor 20 youths to attend this awesome event where we believe God is going to move each and everyone there! Kindly contact Nick for more information. Since our camp theme song for this year is taken from Hillsong United's latest album, "United We Stand", i have added the acoustic version of the song in the blog. So do enjoy the song "From The Inside Out" and to those going for the camp, i do pray that God will use Pastor Kenneth Chin to move and change you from the inside out! I'll see you guys after the camp! In Him

Commercial break

Won't say much... So are you in or are you out? In Him

Butt kicking showdown!

Referring to the comment by my friend Basira on my last entry about TelBru giving me an ass-kicking. Well, i don't think i'd be eligible to get one (since i was pretty nice on my 'opinion') but sometimes people should really think twice about sticking their nose into another people's business. After my 'opinion' got published on May 24th's Borneo Bulletin issue, they replied as you can see in my last entry with regret which they know it's their mistake. Then the next week after that, some dude name "E-Slow" decides to "pour gasoline onto the fire" if you know what i mean. Speed up and improve customer service Referring to kangta164's article 'E-speed blues continue' dated May 24, 2006 Yes, I fully agree with you. TelBru should improve their customer service. Recently, I kept on complaining to TelBru how terrible my connection was. I only have connections during the day and when it comes to night, nothing! I didnt p

Confusion say....

TelBru regrets confusion at counter We refer to Kangta164 (BB issue, 24th May 2006 entitled "E-Speed Blues Continue") regarding his displeasure of the services provided by our counter staff when he applied for a migration of his e-Speed1 service to e-Speed2 during our new subscriptions for e-Speed2 promotion. We sincerely apologise to him for the confusion and inconvenience caused due to the misleading information given by our counter staff. We would like to thank him for bringing this matter into our attention. To ensure that such incidents do not recur in the future, we will further enhance the sharing of information on our products and services within the organisation especially to our counter staffs. We are too happy to accommodate the writer's requirement and invite him to approach us directly. We would also like to take this opportunity to inform our valued e-Speed1 customers that TelBru is currently implementing a phased migration of e-Speed1 to e-Speed2 as part of

Making a difference?

After refraining myself from writing in to Borneo Bulletin for several times, i couldn't help it anymore after one particular incident that happened to me regarding Espeed. So here i was, sitting down at my office trying not to write down a book on how i really feel towards the nation's broadband provider. Despite my 'first time' (sounds odd doesn't it?) writing in to Borneo Bulletin , it manage to get through probably hundreds of letters each day and get published on today's paper. E-Speed Blues Continue... WITH TelBru's new slogan, it sounded really promising that soon there would be a difference. Aside from the refurnishing of the new building that makes a big difference, much to my disappointment, the services are still the same. Recently, there was a promotion on the Espeed 2. After getting news from my friend that all Espeed 1 users will need to upgrade to Espeed 2, i decided to visit the news TelBru headquarters to get more information. The person b

Previously, on YDM...

Within a few hours after Flight Salvation 777 crashed into an unknown island, the group of survivors decided not to wait any longer. After having their afternoon lunch of barbequed chickens, squids, fried mee-hoon, ice cream and many delicious foods, the survivors decided it's time... Well, not to build a raft and sail off to look for help but build a dam! (Yeap! that's how the story goes...) After discovering "fresh" water flowing out from the beach, the survivors decide it's wise for them to build a dam to preserve their only source of water they had in order to survive. They searched high and low, and manage to find a number of logs. And so, the journey begins.... After gathering a group of men willing to help out on building their dam, the team of survivors worked continuously for almost 30 minutes using only the sand around them and logs that they can find laying around. Survivor #1 : "What if the 'others' come and kick us out f

My biggest inspiration...

He was borned in Hong Kong back in 1950. It wasn't a rich family but his parents managed to send him to Scotland to pursue his studies in Accounting. Sad to say, his family never had the money to finance him while he was in Scotland. All the money they had was just enough to pay for his college fees. The rest was up to him. From there, he learned about life the hard way. While studying, he had to get a part time job as his own allowance. For food, he had to save as much as he can. Coming from a Chinese family, he knew what he could eat and what others (the foreigners) usually don't. What he usually did was, he went around restaurants and asked the kitchen staffs for food. Not fully cooked food nor left overs but rather "spareparts" of pigs and chickens such as intestines, liver, tongue, feet, etc. Back then, foreigners don't really know what to do with these parts of the animals and most of it were given to him. From there, he brought these home and made his own

19 till I almost die?

As most of you know, (most but not all..) i've just turned 19 yesterday. Thank you to those who have sent warm birthday messages which have definitely made me feel special. I could still remember that during my previous birthdays, i have this desire to make it the best birthday party. I'll only be happy if i get the presents that i want. I would always call tonnes of friends to celebrate it with me and of course, try to receive more angpows (red packets) from my parent's friends. But my 19th birthday would be the best so far. There weren't any presents nor were there any parties. There's definitely no angpows. This birthday, the whole world was celebrating with me because it fell on Easter Day. And it's my first time, that over 600+ people who attended the Easter service from St' Andrews Church sang a birthday song to me. The best present i received was a prayer made by Reverend. However, i also received one of the worst present this year. Getting "rot

The truth behind the truth?

I was queueing at a local bank doing the usual routine of depositing cheques when something that was shown on the television caught my eyes. They were showing CNN reports with the text below the t.v saying "Judas did not betray Jesus after all..." which was rather disturbing for me. I tried to listen to what the report was saying but i couldn't catch what was going on... So the whole world is talking about the actual event that took place that Judas did not betray Jesus at all. I've read this and didn't find it convincing at all. So far, i still couldn't find any website that tells the actual story but from the website that i've looked up to, it is mentioned that Judas actually acted on Jesus' request to be handed over to the authorities. But in the Bible itself, it was also mentioned that Judas did accept bribes from the authorities to get Jesus to be handed over to them. And what more, the almighty one did predict that Judas was going to betray Him


Sorry for the lack of updates. Due to the 'fabulous' service offered by Brunei's local broadband provider, Espeed , I got sick and tired of waiting for this page to load. Mind you Malaysians, our connection here is so 'fabulous' that even Streamyx can't compete with what we have here. Our connection is based on the reality side. You see, I understand that Malaysians who subscribe to Streamyx can surf online at at constant speed whether it's morning, afternoon, night or even midnight. But for us, our internet lives are based more on our every day lives. When you wake up in the morning and go off to work, you'll usually get stuck in a jam. When you made up your mind to go for lunch with a bunch of friends during lunch hour, you'll end up in a jam. And of course, when you're off work and all set to go home, you'll also end up in a jam. And thus, our Espeed service does the same to us online. During day & night time or should I say "pe

Have you seen my childhood?

MISSING!! TWO KIDS AGED 6 YEARS OLD AND 7 YEARS OLD. LAST SEEN: 13 YEARS AGO.. This is a picture of me and a really really close friend of mine when I was 6 years old and she was 7 years old. I've always hated the fact that she's always a few months older than me because everytime when we have to do something together, she will always say "I do first coz i'm older than you.." I've also always hated the fact that my parents love to compare her with me cause she's always better than me. Back then, she always have her way of torturing me. Each time i went over to her place for a visit, or she comes over to mine, i will always try my best to put up with her, not to make her angry, not to say anything mean or else i know i'll end up getting small little bruises over my arms. Her 'speciality' was in pinching. Really really painful pinches that burn your delicate skin. Our mothers were really close and they still are. We've had our little talks

3 years ago & 3 years later...

3 years ago, this is how we look like. 3 years ago, the term 'stress' usually refers to either exams or girls. 3 years ago, there was practically nothing much to worry about. Dreaded going to school early in the morning, skipped remedial classes, stayed back most of the time just to pay a visit to Yayasan with a group of friends. Ahh, the days of laughter and sitting on the boat to Yayasan. I'm sure students who studied in St' Andrews sure missed those days. These people were my classmates back in highschool. Despite being in the art stream and being labelled as the 'class without hope', we didn't really care. Our class teacher and a handful of other teachers who really knew us always gave us encouragement. I still remembered Ms. Chong who had been our class teacher for 2 years, who knew most of us inside out told us.. "By the end of the day, all of you in this class will be the ones surviving in the future because all of you are the happy-go-lucky peo

Double Dangerous Bend...what?

Let's say this is a million dollar question. Give the correct answer to the sign board. A. Many Dangerous Bend B. Double Bend left to right C. Dangerous Bend Hint: The actual answer is Double Dangerous Bend . So i failed my law exam because of that question. Ironic isn't it? I still don't understand why is there a need to twist and turn the answer for signboards. A signboard will always be a signboard. A U-Turn board will forever be known as a U-Turn board. Not like it'll suddenly spring to life, run up to the Land Transport Department and yell.. "Hey @#$! I've been named U-Turn for almost 30 years. Don't you know that U-Turn doesn't sound hip anymore!? I demand my name to be changed to Left to Right upside down turn board!" Brunei and their signboards. Oh, i'm still trying to spot that darn signboard on the road now. So far, there's no Double Bend left to right board on the road. I'd be more happy to get down from the car and take a p

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

It's the year of the dog. And yes, i really do miss good ol' Milky. To all my readers, Happy Chinese New Year...may this year of the dog bring all of you great health and luck! So i manage to make myself a 'personal things to do list before Chinese New Year' and i manage to do most of it. Well, pretty much all of it i think just that the results are not that promising. And, seeing that most of my friends, have got their driving license, i decided to rush things up by pushing myself to the limit of doing two things at one. Right after finish painting my room, i went and sat for a mock test for my law exam. Thank goodness , it was just a 'mock' ! Totally flunked it. But then again, i don't feel that bad seeing that it's just a mock and having this tiny little reassurance at the back of my head saying that probably half of the roadsign that were on the testpaper today doesn't even exist on the roadside of Brunei. Aside from me sleeping and suffocat

Back to #1....

Meet my family. We are one BIG happy family. As illustrated, out of all my siblings, i'm considered the smallest. And i blame it on my dad. I have his genes while my brother and my sisters have my mom's big genes. Both of my sisters are still growing and i think i've stopped. Really...'s been a long week for me especially trying to settle down after staying alone for 2 years in KL. Coming back home is a big big relieve for me as i need not worry about feeding my growing appetite with unhealthy junks but then, i think i still prefer life staying alone and being alone. Haven't done anything progressive but made a number of plans for myself. Officially, i'm starting work on February 1st so i'm trying to rush myself to achieve what i have in mind before i start to get 'busy'. I'd love to see this being shown on AXN channel on one of their featured show, Worst Case Scenario . If you have no idea what that show is about, they're like teach


I haven't used the word oh-oh for quite sometime cause lately, there's nothing much to oh-oh about. But now, i dedicate this whole entry to oh-oh about my body. I had my first blood test earlier on and the results came in few weeks ago but i've only gotten mine last night. Here's what my report says. The good news, most of my body parts are okay i suppose. But it doesn't matter much really because when there's one problem, that's a big oh-oh and yes, i've got a few problems. And for the bad news...let's see firstly, i'm suffering from Uric Acid cause the report says my level of "acidity" is pretty high. An average male would have their acidity between 203 - 402 level whereas an average woman would have theirs at between 143 - 341. As far as mine is concern, it's about 502 . That's a big oh-oh . Part 2, i'm also suffering from high cholestrol . This i'm not that shock due to the obesity in me. But i was suprised t

Brand New Year

So officially, this is going to be my first post in 2006. Happy New Year to all of you despite being 3 days late. I've been having short conversations with a few of my classmates who are back in their hometown earlier on. Most of them come to me with these random questions and replies.. Friend: Hey! Happy New Year...! Me: Yeah, you too... Friend: So...where are you now? Me: Err...home? Friend: Home as in Brunei home or..? Me: Nolah, still in PJ...hehe Friend: HAR!? What are you still doing there? Why don't go back? Me: Dunno also.. Friend: Oic Come to think about it, why am i still here when i can be back in Brunei now? Sometimes i don't quite get myself either. Haha. Been slacking around lately. Celebrated Christmas, New Year and my housemate's birthday in Redbox. How sad is that? The last trip was horrible though. I went in a healthy person and came out instantly sick. I think their microphones are infected with some funky virus...right now my nose is blocked and i