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Within a few hours after Flight Salvation 777 crashed into an unknown island, the group of survivors decided not to wait any longer. After having their afternoon lunch of barbequed chickens, squids, fried mee-hoon, ice cream and many delicious foods, the survivors decided it's time...

Well, not to build a raft and sail off to look for help but build a dam! (Yeap! that's how the story goes...) After discovering "fresh" water flowing out from the beach, the survivors decide it's wise for them to build a dam to preserve their only source of water they had in order to survive. They searched high and low, and manage to find a number of logs. And so, the journey begins....

After gathering a group of men willing to help out on building their dam, the team of survivors worked continuously for almost 30 minutes using only the sand around them and logs that they can find laying around.

Survivor #1: "What if the 'others' come and kick us out from this place?" (*note 'others' here are referring to the people in charge of the beach which there are none to be found...)

Survivor #2: "Aiyah!! Nevermind wan, just say it's been like that since we're here.."

As mentioned, the team of survivors worked hand in hand trying to build their first dam. After an estimated time of 30 minutes, everything seems to be done. So they decided to cool themselves by lying around in the cool water that's flowing out from an unknown source. While some of the survivors are still trying to do a little touch up to 'perfect-ize' (if there is such word..haha) their dam, the rest of them were busy relaxing in their new accomplished work. Some swam around, some were worried that the dam wasn't blocking the water from flowing out, some just sat there wishing that eggs would fall out from their be-hind while some decide that it's time for them to be....MACHO! Well, not really some but seems like only one...

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Suddenly, one of them shouted, "You guys got any idea where the water come from?"

Survivor #3: "Yeah, dude in red says it flows down from the mountain..." (Mind you, dude in red totally suckered this buddy..)
Survivor #4: "Hah, it's actually from that green-ish pond back there...."

Filled with disgust and a little bit of humor, they decide to scrap their dam and move on. But first they sense that one of the survivor wasn't actually one of them. Why? Most of them are wet except for this one. In the end they manage to single out one of 'them' and gave chase....which in the end of course got him wet to prove he is really one of us.

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By the end of the day, all were exhausted. Help arrives, and all of them left for home and lived happily ever after.

In Him

(P/S:That's what you get from trying to make up some silly story, and after spending almost an hour trying to make it funny, gets lazy and decides to end it with the crappiest ending ever...haha!)


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