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"God Encounters" 18.06.08

Manage to squeeze in some time earlier this week compiling this short video to promote YDM's 2008 Youth Camp . Do come and join us for a fantastic time of worship during this upcoming school holidays. Forms to sign up will be available this week at YDM . Do YOU want an ENCOUNTER ? 18.06.08 In Him

While on my way back from Sg. Liang...

After attending my uncle's funeral, I happened to see a Daihatsu Sirion car (i think that was the model) which was in front of me, driving at quite a fast speed in the rain when it suddenly skidded off the highway road, banged the railway to it's right, then made a 360 degrees spin followed by another bang to the railway on the left side of the road and then a half spin of the car till it finally stopped with the car facing the opposite side of the road. The reaction of the car driver and his 2 passengers were priceless. The first thing that came to my mind when i saw the car skidded was "Bowh!" followed by a number of "Oh shoot! ", "Oooh!!" and " Oh no!" when all the banging and skidding occur. Then it slowly sinked in that that was the first time i've seen an accident happening right before my eyes...the one thing that i've always wanted to see and not be part of it. It also happened to be the most exicting 1 minute of my l

August Rush

If you love music, YOU MUST watch this. If you play the guitar or if you're inspired by guitars, YOU MUST watch this. If you play in an orchestra, YOU MUST watch this. If you think Freddie Highmore is adorable, YOU MUST watch this. Haha. Ok, that sounded weird but i think that kid is adorable in so many ways. He's got the whole angelic / innocent face like how Haley Joel Osment used to have when he was a kid. (Note: USED TO!) I just think he looks weird now. Anyway, back to what i was i was saying about this movie, if you really do appreciate music, August Rush will just simply inspire you to appreciate it even more. I really suggest all musicians to just find yourself a copy of this DVD and watch it when you feel bored of your instruments. I also don't know how i ended up buying this movie. I was just browsing around the "Orange Shop" in Seri Q-lap Mall (they have a branch in KB too by the way!) looking for some movie that might give me the same 'f

Forbidden Kingdom

Finally bought myself a copy of Cloverfield DVD which i missed when it was shown in the cinema. I loved it! I remember overhearing some people saying that they didn't really see the monster or something in between those lines. I think they should open their eyes bigger when they watch a movie. Either that or they should stop listening to what 'people' say and watch the movie themselves before going around telling other people what they heard about certain movies. Oh, i managed to catch Jackie Chan and Jet Li's "Forbidden Kingdom" too. I didn't know it's somewhat linked to the Monkey King story as i've never seen the trailer of that movie so it was a bit of a surprise for me there. If you've watched dozen of Jet Li and Jackie Chan's movie, you wouldn't be so surprise with this movie lah. I think they just want to wow the ang-mohs with their martial arts skills. Personally, i didn't really enjoy the movie that much due to the fact


Thought i'd share with you guys what i got for my birthday. I love presents. Hehe. A fbendable kangaroo, a hanging koala bear (the thing that's always given when anyone is in Australia ...) and Steven Curtis / Mary Beth Chapman book + CD from Little Len (: Bodyshop products from Nikki Grow a Patrick from Bim and Ray. Birthday cards! Oh..check out the last one from my sis. The crap is kinda goo-ey. In case you're wondering, no it does not come with a crap smell. Haha. Never too old for presents! :) In Him

Happy Birthday to ME! :D

I seriously don't know where to begin. A day which pretty much started off just like any other ordinary day turned out to be a delightful surprise indeed to celebrate my 21st birthday. Honestly i wasn't planning on doing any major celebration despite numerous comments saying that being 21 is a big deal but hey, i guess it's always a big deal as long as it's your birthday regardless of what age your celebrating? You live healthily to celebrate another extra year, that itself is already a good reason to make a big deal out of. Anyway, maybe it's the whole "getting older syndrome" that sort of makes you want to kick back, relax and just not really bother about what your plans are for your birthday, what food to make, who to call, where to celebrate and so on. I do wish to apologize to those who smsed me but did not get any response or reply from me. Many thanks to Frank for attempting to get back at me after sabo-ing him for his 30th brithday with the he

3 days ago...

I walked around feeling lost for the past few days. Like a dead soul looking for a place in this world to cling on to. "This is going to be hard!" , i muttered under my breath. I sat down in a cool manner pretending that nothing's wrong with me. They were already halfway through their meals. "So late also?" , one of them asked. I fidget a bit. "Stay calm, be normal, calm, normal, calm, normal...." Those words kept running through my head. I shrugged it off and said gave the excuse that i was a bit busy at the bank. Ah yes, the bank. How did i not think of that? Little did they know that for the past hour, i've been trying hard to adjust myself to what was going on. It's only been 2 hours into the day and i felt like i was on the verge of collapsing...that i lost part of what was in me. "You going through the same problem too?", the other asked with a grin. Eh? What is this? He looked normal. This is absurd! I tried to look for any sig

2008 Metlife President Council Meeting

Yesterday i managed to take some time out to check out the appreciation dinner of the 2008 Metlife President Council Meeting. In other words, the big group of Korean delegation that's coming in and out of Brunei just to eat a dinner or two and go home. I enjoyed seeing the Korean people's reactions towards simple tricks that were showed to them. It shows how much people like them appreciate tricks and be amazed rather than to find out how it's done. I'm still contemplating on whether or not to drop by the Empire one. In Him

The Kingdom

I've been trying to squeeze in as much time as i possibly could to watch as many movies after getting a new television set. For some reason, even bad movies seemed pretty decent when you watch it on a television set like the Sony Bravia. Haha. Last weekend i bought some movies from the "Orange Shop" in The Mall and out of what i've watched so far, the one that i enjoyed the most was Jamie Foxx's "The Kingdom" . I can't remember if it was shown in the cinema earlier on but if you guys haven't watch this movie and you happen to enjoy action movies a lot, you wouldn't want to miss out on this one. The storyline of this movie is pretty much like what you see on the news with what's going on around the middle east today with all the war on terrorism and stuff like that, which is by the way, a bonus for you too if you have a liking for terrorism related issues. Probably more for guys la this movie. Not that i'm saying girls won't but h

Why i love 0%...

:) In Him

The many faces

At this very moment, i seriously have nothing in mind to blog about. So i shall leave you with some of my finest artwork done by my artistic...face. Okay this one is just pretty normal...taken with Milky back in KL. Eric Cartman...the chinese version? Back in Primary 6... Nope, this isn't done by any Face Warping programme... Hello... Oh did i say the first picture was normal? In Him