I am sure most of you by now would've heard about the virus that's grappling the world. Novel Coronavirus (nCoV2019) or earlier known as Wuhan virus (from where it originated i.e. Wuhan, China). As of writing, the death toll is at 815 deaths with 37,600 infected cases and spreading.  Thankfully, there are still no cases reported yet in Brunei. However, I was extremely impressed with the Government of HM who has decided to conduct an evacuation operation to retrieve two Bruneians (a tourist & a student) stuck in Wuhan during this outbreak.  A friend of mine told me that this type of evacuation at the very least would cost about $90k given the fact that an entire plane would need to be chartered. What more, our national carrier doesn't usually fly a direct route to Wuhan. So a lot of diplomatic exchange/communication had to be carried out to rescue two of the country's citizens. Though whether or not there are any costs required to be borne by these two, I am not su

New Year, New Decade

It’s that time of the year again where I suddenly feel like I need to post an update on this very neglected site. But maybe this time I’ll actually put in more effort to try and update more because I’ve decided to go on a social media detox. Ron? Off social media?!  *gasps*  More on that at a later stage to dive into my thoughts on why I decide to do it. But another year has arrived! We’ve made it to 2020. A very happy new year to everyone who might happen to come across this post. 

Influencers epidemic

You’d think at this very stage in our lives where our worlds are so connected through all forms of social media platforms made available, the world would be a closer knit community where friendships grow closer through daily interactions. Friends can choose to be accountable for each other through a simple message. Memories can be shared easily amongst families across Facebook. But personally, I feel the rise of the “social influencers culture” is making social media a disease. Everybody wants to be an influencer. Everybody is aiming for the X number of likes targets. Your value as a human being is being judged based on the number of followers you have. The focus on being Insta/Youtube famous is so crazy that people are no longer using social media to actually interact or communicate with each other but to promote themselves and to make a brand out of themselves.  Nobody has the time to response to messages on Whatsapp anymore because any time that is available are dedicated to

Happy New Year!

A little late but here we are in the year 2019. It’s crazy because I told myself that for 2018, I was hoping to start blogging a little bit more frequently. And now it’s another year. But in all honesty, 2018 for me wasn’t as eventful as I would like it to be. Managed to get back into the workforce in May and pretty much from then on, it was work, work and work. So much so that I realized in the entire year of 2018, I did not travel anywhere at all. But for New Year’s Eve, I managed to score some decent flight tickets for Kuching via RB. Since I've never been to Kuching before, we decided it would be a nice little getaway to welcome 2019. Boarding our flight on New Year’s Eve at 11:45pm. Experienced the most hilarious countdown to New Year on RB flight.  Got in to Kuching at about 1am, checked in to Pullman and pretty much crashed. We stayed for 4 days 3 nights with Pullman Kuching. Personally, if it’s your first time to Kuching, I wouldn’t recommend staying there as

Back to the workout grind with Aaptiv!

I haven't worked out for a full year.  No, really. Like I legit have not broken a sweat at all for one full year ever since I started juggling 2 jobs a year ago. Before that, I've always been semi-active incorporating a routine of some sort but ever since landing a part-time job while being a full-time banker, I'd just laze around whenever I get any downtime. Let's take a step down memory lane. Here's an old video I compiled when I was extremely active with my weight loss journey which started 10 years ago. Please excuse the mullet hairstyle. No idea why I thought it was a great idea at that time.  I remember the commitment and perseverance with squeezing time in the gym every single day to achieve my weight loss goal. It became addictive. I'd sacrifice my social time with family and friends just to attend a fitness class. The gym became a priority in life. Everything else came second. My routine of squeezing in a workout after work each day and on w


Dad's tomb.  On Tuesday, my family and I stopped by the Berakas Christian cemetery to pay my dad a visit on the anniversary of his death. 13th February 2017 marks his 11th year after losing his battle with pancreatic cancer. I am dreading the day when I hit the age where I've lived longer without a dad than I have with one. But such is the reality of life as I would tell myself. The more I think about it, it's not death that I fear but more of his existence that will soon be forgotten. Gradually, there will come a point in time where people will just look at the tomb and wondered who Andrew Cheng is. And that sucks. While on the topic of death, I happened to see a quote somewhere that also changed my perspective of it. "We are all dying the minute we were born." While doing a bit of wiping down on dad's tomb, we were greeted by a furry stranger that seemed lost and tired. She gave each of us a little sniff and sat under the bush next to dad'

What day is it?

Face of an unemployed Unemployment. The big word floating around the country at the moment. It's been approximately 74 days. Some days I savour every minute just being lazy and unproductive but after a while, doing nothing and lazing does get tiring. I've been meaning to find something productive to tackle with and one of them is to try and re-ignite this site more but I am not going to lie - it's hard to find any inspiration to blog about when all you do is...nothing. But there have been a lot of 'maybe I shoulds' running through my head. For starter - lose some extra weight. Considering that I have not really been active for more than a year, with all the time I've got, I should just do some form of workout. But (yeah, it's always the but that gets the best of me) I don't have that drive in me like I used to. Maybe I should start doing more with my social media platforms like videography or photography. But I don't know what I should capt