Double Dangerous Bend...what?

Let's say this is a million dollar question. Give the correct answer to the sign board.

A. Many Dangerous Bend
B. Double Bend left to right
C. Dangerous Bend

Hint: The actual answer is Double Dangerous Bend.

So i failed my law exam because of that question. Ironic isn't it? I still don't understand why is there a need to twist and turn the answer for signboards. A signboard will always be a signboard. A U-Turn board will forever be known as a U-Turn board. Not like it'll suddenly spring to life, run up to the Land Transport Department and yell.."Hey @#$! I've been named U-Turn for almost 30 years. Don't you know that U-Turn doesn't sound hip anymore!? I demand my name to be changed to Left to Right upside down turn board!"

Brunei and their signboards. Oh, i'm still trying to spot that darn signboard on the road now. So far, there's no Double Bend left to right board on the road. I'd be more happy to get down from the car and take a picture with that infamous signboard which made many people failed their law test.

In Him


fishtail said…
You actually failed a law exam because of a sign board that looks more like something from a Mensa test?
kangta164 said…
Sad but true! That's how you get your license in Brunei.

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