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Just to inform those who's interested in joining YDM's Youth Camp 2006, registration is still open until the day the camp starts. It's never too late! And to those who really want to go, but are facing financial difficulties, YDM is willing to sponsor 20 youths to attend this awesome event where we believe God is going to move each and everyone there! Kindly contact Nick for more information. Since our camp theme song for this year is taken from Hillsong United's latest album, "United We Stand", i have added the acoustic version of the song in the blog. So do enjoy the song "From The Inside Out" and to those going for the camp, i do pray that God will use Pastor Kenneth Chin to move and change you from the inside out! I'll see you guys after the camp! In Him

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Won't say much... So are you in or are you out? In Him

Butt kicking showdown!

Referring to the comment by my friend Basira on my last entry about TelBru giving me an ass-kicking. Well, i don't think i'd be eligible to get one (since i was pretty nice on my 'opinion') but sometimes people should really think twice about sticking their nose into another people's business. After my 'opinion' got published on May 24th's Borneo Bulletin issue, they replied as you can see in my last entry with regret which they know it's their mistake. Then the next week after that, some dude name "E-Slow" decides to "pour gasoline onto the fire" if you know what i mean. Speed up and improve customer service Referring to kangta164's article 'E-speed blues continue' dated May 24, 2006 Yes, I fully agree with you. TelBru should improve their customer service. Recently, I kept on complaining to TelBru how terrible my connection was. I only have connections during the day and when it comes to night, nothing! I didnt p