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#1 reason why i do not want to fail any subjects...

My tuition fees for 2011. I'm not gonna lie but whenever i see the amount of fees i'm paying, i feel extremely guilty that my mom is spending so much on my education. I know i was the one that said i wanted to do a degree in the first place two years ago and knew it was going to be an expensive experience but it still makes me feel awful seeing the amount that's being 'invested' in me. I am enjoying my course and learning a lot of new skills which i hope will land me a career in the future but right now, with no one working in the family, i feel like spending this large amount of money on me is just so...wrong. Especially when that amount can sustain my family's expenses for the next three years or so. Dad, i hope i'm making you proud.

Customer service in Brunei...

I just had a good read about this lady's experience of getting an iPad 2 back in Brunei . Needless to say, those who have stayed and shopped in Brunei can easily relate to her frustration especially when it comes to customer service. Having the experience of being trained in the hospitality industry ,  running a retail store back home few years back  and currently working part time as a retail assistant over here in New Zealand, i can honestly say the customer service back home is a little behind. And i'm not referring to only retail stores. This is for those involved in the service industry back in Brunei. Since i haven't been back for a little over a year, i am not entirely sure if the customer service in Brunei is still as bad as how it was when i left. But based from the experiences i've gone through and learned from being in the hospitality and retail industry and as a customer, i can easily share what i've learnt that might be useful for those back home who