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It's been a decade, dad.

Today marks the 10th year of my dad's passing.  There are still days I wonder how our entire family life would be like if he was still around. Actually whenever my family talk about dad, we always bring that line up. "If only dad was still here..."  You'd hear quotes about how things will heal in time or time will heal all wounds, etc. That is true. The pain of losing him after 10 years doesn't feel as bad as the day when he took his last breath on the hospital bed. But what no one actually tells you is - how scary it is that time will also erases memory about the departed. As I grow older, there's many things about dad that slowly slipped my mind. How did his voice sound like? What's the cologne scent I usually smell whenever he picked me up from school? What are the other songs did he love to sing along to on the radio? Little details about him just slowly slipping through my mind as time goes by. I actually blanked out briefly when my sister reminde