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Happy Birthday to...

My rakan tak sebaya but sebaya mentally yang ketinggalan di Singapura untuk membuat kopi-o and kopi-c peng. I hope that on this glorious day, you won't be making coffees or whipping cream (or doing whatever you're suppose to do) till the wee hours in the morning. That is sooo gonna suck big time but then again, i know you'd be enjoying your day regardless of what you're being told to do. It'd be really awkward if you've gotten goreng sotong already or if you've resigned. Haha. But yes, my muffin cheeks buddy you are another year OLD- er and I miss you oh-so-much . Soon again, we shall conquer Ikea ice-cream and be jobless around 1-Utama. Soon again we shall... (: Happy Birthday! Also to you, the soon to be Dr. Tay in i don't know how many more years to come...but definitely soon. Hehe. It's been another quick year for you i suppose. A few more months and you'll be off farrr, farrrrr away. Remember that a lot of people are proud of what yo

To renovate or not to renovate?

I think i need a bigger room. But then again, i love my small room. It's just so cozy...although i think it'll be much more cozier with some 'extra' stuffs inside. I was thinking of getting someone to renovate my room to make it bigger or better still, get someone to build a bigger room somewhere in the house...but i really love my room. My little sunshine-less room. Hmm... In Him

Easter Service 2008 @ St Andrew's Church

Just thought i'd share some pictures i took of the Easter service at church this morning. It's been a while since i've played around with the camera. Our God is risen! Alleluia! In Him

Emotionally unstable...

Bro has taught me that when undergoing chemotherapy, it can cause a person to be really emotionally unstable. Well he didn't really taught me but rather...he showed me. One moment he can be happy like this... Then the next minute, he'll end up crying like this... Yeap, that's what he does when he's webcam-ing with us. So much for the use of technology for communication. In Him


I managed to catch a horror flick today after a while. The remake of the Thai horror movie that came out 4 years ago... Shutter . Those who managed to catch the Thai version would definitely agree that it is way better than the American one (not that i've seen or heard of any American remakes are better than the Asian ones) . The plot are exactly the same. The only thing that the American version lack is the scary factor in the movie. No, there's no sudden shocking scene where it'll make you jump out from your chair, there's no up close of the ghost face on the screen and the stupid thing is, why can't Americans just stick to using their own American ghost in their little American movie and not borrow a Japanese ghost? I mean really, are they really racists enough to think that ONLY Japanese ghosts can come out of photos and televisions while American ghosts are permitted to coming out from graveyards and being exorcised? Plus, the origin of the Shutter movie was b

My Father

Haven't had much time to watch a full length movie lately especially with all the sitcoms airing back and stuffs...but thanks to the public holiday tomorrow (technically it's later...) i managed to watch this Korean movie i bought last two weeks ago starring Daniel Henney. I haven't heard much about this movie nor have i seen the preview or read any reviews but i only caught a short interview of Daniel Henny promoting his latest movie on KBS channel the other day...which somehow sub-consciously led me to buy this dvd while i was just randomly walking around the dvd store. As much as i love the Korean culture, i haven't really been keen on it's dramas. The last drama i watched (which i enjoyed every episode of it) was of course the oh-so-famous Full House starring Rain and Sung Hye Kyo. Other than that i haven't been watching much Korean dramas. Even if i did, i didn't quite enjoy it cause like most of you guys would say, the Korean dramas have more or les

Happy Birthday Frank!

All the acting, preparation and thinking got me really tired tonight but it was really worth it especially after seeing his classic "Ahhhhh!" reaction when the surprise took place. I mean really, it was the first time i've seen someone yelled with that one note for quite long when he gets caught by surprise. Add a bit of vibrato and you're probably good to go for American Idol buddy! Haha. Many thanks to those who responded on such short notice...what more on a Monday night. In case you guys missed it, his age was announced live on national radio too. Nothing wrong with being 30 wah. It's just part of life. :) Hope you did have fun celebrating your 30th birthday with us bro. Before this day end, again i wish you a blessed birthday. I'm sure this year would be a fantastic year for you. *coughs* In Him

Public annoucement!

In a few minutes time, someone will be celebrating his birthday but then again, the purpose of this post is not dedicated to him for his birthday because this my friends, is for a bigger and better cause. Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, fans and friends (or just for the record, even secret admirers) of Mr. Friday Night, as a close friend of Frank (potential manager too haha!) i am very pleased AND proud to bring this news... Our dearest Frank is not only another year older but...he's also in LOVE! Meet Ms. Friday Night! :D N o, it's not his sister nor a fan. Taken on 15th March 2008. Today on the 16th March 2008. Identitly to be revealed soon! If you are eager, by all means go and bug the man himself. Hehe. Suspense hor? Meanwhile... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you bro ! In Him

Of rats and mice...

I've been rather busy for the past week. Or at least i felt like as if i've been busy. It's only 3 weeks in since mom and bro left and it somewhat felt like months already. Speaking of bro , he spent his birthday in Hong Kong with our relatives for the first time there. And he got 2 PSPs for his birthday present! One thing i like about my relatives back in Hong Kong is they make us feel like we're re-living our childhood again especially my aunt. I remember back when i was young, she'd bring us around to get MacD's, get super cool toys to play with and she don't mind queueing hours just to get some Dragonball collection cards. Hmmm...who knows, maybe i should fly over for my birthday next month to 'celebrate' too. I could come back with a PS3 or something. Haha. But then again, i'm not a gamer so it's pretty pointless. I've also been staring at my PS2 for quite sometime...and i'm thinking of selling it off. I bought it last year jus


I'm thinking of buying a video recorder camera but i don't know which one's a good one. Saw a lot of Sony brands out there with *quite* reasonable prices but problem is, they all look the same. Suggestions anyone? On a random note, i think Fu Chow people talks funnily. The ki-ring-ko-rong language. Hahaha! In Him

Biker Mice from Mars

This afternoon, i had a short but funny conversation with my bro . He was complaining about how much he look like a 'tikus' (mouse) now. I didn't know what he was saying until he webcam-ed with me. For those who don't know, bro actually shaved his head before undergoing chemotherapy as there will be side effect of hair loss and other stuffs when undergoing that treatment. So to spare himself the shock of major hair loss, he might as well loose 'em all first. But anyway, as bad as this may sound, i couldn't really help but laughed at him (thus his vulgarity) when i saw his face. Told him he looked somewhat like Mickey Mouse but he said there's already a Mickey Mouse among his group of friends. So instead, he claimed that he looked like one of the characters from... Biker Mice from Mars...Hahahahaha! In Him