I'm a murderer?

It was a dog. I know, i know, you guys must've gone like "Aww! How could you?!" but hey, it's not like as if i purposely drove around my area to look for one dog and for the fun of seeing how it flies, just speed my car and bang the crap out of it.

Seriously, it's not a good feeling to know that you've taken a life out of something that lives. And it's NOT at all a good feeling to pay a hefty $550 to get it all patched up. Trust me, paying that amount of money just made you feel like you wanna run over that dog a couple more time to make sure it's really dead or something.

The car is all good now. And so life goes on...

I was at Baiduri Bank (Supasave) this afternoon when something unusual happened. I parked my car and got out, in front of me stood 3 women. Well definitely not God sent women but rather, China women. And here's the funny thing about China women. They're not shy at all. I don't even think they know what the word shy means. Anyway, i knew something was gonna happen when i saw them cause one of them kinda made eye contact, so i was pretending to look like 'a very busy businessman' when bingo, one of them started "Halo-ing" me.

I'm not really a good actor when it comes to real life situation like these. Some people can just act like as if they're deaf while some suddenly change their races when being asked "Are you a Chinese/Malay/Indian?" but i just stood there and replied hello like as if i knew her. Don't ask me why...

Lady: "Ni hui ting hua yi mah?" (Do you understand Mandarin?)
Me: "Err..hui ah" (Yes)
Lady: "Hao hao, wo xiang yao wen ni, xing de Hua He sze bu sze jiang sie?" (Good good! I need to ask you, the new Hua Ho is it written like this?)

I thought to myslef maybe i was wrong..they probably just wanted to know how to write the name of the new Hua Ho. That moment, she kinda open up a folded paper with the word written "Hua Ho Manggis". It seems fine, the alphabets are at where they're suppose to be. I gave them a nod and told them it's correct. Then of course, being the Chinese that they are, they continued to ask more...

Lady: "Oh hao hao, wo xiang yao wen ni, zhi ge Hua He sze bu sze zai ji chang na yi tiao lu? Hui hen yen mah?" (Good good, i need to ask you again, this Huo Ho..is it on the road to the airport? Is it quite far?)
Me: "Sze ah, mang yen yi xia lo.." (Yes and it's quite far actually..)

Then behind stood the other 2 lady saying something really REALLY Chinese that i doubt i could even understand (mind you, my Chinese is kampong style) then here's the part where i just wished i would've pretend i'm a Malay or something.

She started saying how she and her friends are having a hard time finding a taxi nearby, and she's asking me whether is it ok for me to send her there? At this point, the director in my brain decided to plot out movies in my head. I was thinking, okay, so what if i said yes and decided to send them, i could imagine all the awkward silent moment in the car, then i'd be driving so fast trying to get it over and done with, i end up in a collision and die with 3 strangers in my car. Or what if they suddenly become so China-ish they decide to do some 'business' with me in the car asking for 'massage massage'...Or what if, all of a sudden they take off this mask and turn out to be She-Man people and rob me and my car...

I tried to reason my way out saying i'm pretty busy, plus i need to go to the bank right now...but as i mentioned, these people don't know the word shy...to which she replied "Oh, it's okay we can wait for you...just go to the bank first". Geez, i never recalled saying yes. These people are good in convincing i tell ya! So again, i just tried to say it's really inconvenient of me to do so as i'm working nearby and i'm really really busy. Then one of them come and begged me to which i said more firmly, i'm really busy.

Then from giving me that puppy-eyed type of face, it turned into a REALLY sarcastic face...and she tugged her friend on the shirt saying something probably in her native language. Then she looked at me and gave me the most sarcastic smile ever and say to my face in Mandarin.."It's okay, you go and be busy! We'll find a way!"

Sarcastic and shyless people. Tsk tsk...

In Him


josh said…
Trust me, paying that amount of money just made you feel like you wanna run over that dog a couple more time to make sure it's really dead or something.

That REALLY cracked me up man. Haha and those China-women? HAHA. I know the perfect line to use...


you do the rest...haha good good one!
kangta164 said…
Haha..you and your I'M NOT CHINESEEE...actually i should've used that! Hmmm...

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