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TelBru doesn't care.

If you've been following my blog since the beginning, you would've known by now how much I hate TelBru's shitty internet service. Even before it was corporatised to TelBru, I hated it . When they announced they were being corporatised from JTB to TelBru, I thought things may be for the better but nope, majority of the country's population is still being ripped off with their ridiculous pricing . But what else can we do besides having to move on with a 'just deal with it' attitude since they are the only internet service provider nationwide? I do however give them credit for trying to up the country's internet infrastructure every now and then but the main problem I have with them is the lack of transparency with how they deal with their existing customers. Lately many of the country's internet users have been experiencing sudden internet cut off at midnight with no advance notice given and no explanation provided after. Many vented their frustration