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God Encounters Camp 2008 Pictures

Here are the pictures taken during YDM's Youth Camp 2008 from Day 1 all the way till the last day of camp. Too bad there won't be any "Sun in the Fun" (joke!joke!) pictures from me after this as i won't be joining you guys on Friday. Feel free to click on the thumbnails to see all the pictures hosted at my Picasa... Pre-camp Pictures God Encounter Camp 2008 - Day 1 God Encounter Camp 2008 - Day 2 God Encounter Camp 2008 - Day 3 God Encounter Camp 2008 - Day 4 My little experience of being the photographer for this year's camp was pretty "interesting" but nevertheless, i did enjoy carrying out my task although, i think i only did 60% of my part? :P Much props to Joel for useful tips when i needed it, Kit for filling in when i wanted my nappy time, Med-Nick , Timmy and Jack for taking my face. Hahaha! Sorry lah, photographers tend to be left out most of the time. :P Quick update / testimony on my brother's condition, the results for his oper

On 18.06.2008...

It's been an exhausting BUT inspiring week for me. Camp was just crazy. I know we hear this almost every year, all the hype for the camp and the after camp 'after effects' but if a 4 days experience can allow so many people to have an encounter or even just a split moment with Him, then i'm sure out of so many people there, there's bound to be some who will rise up and do something BIG and EXTRAORDINARY for Him. On a personal note, this is my first camp where i felt comfortable in areas which i thought i would never grew comfortable in. The whole 'getting out of your comfort zone' and what not. I believe all of us grew another level spiritually from this camp so yes, i still know that youth camp does not only apply to youths of a certain ages but even to adults long as YOU come expecting HIM . I can seriously go on and on about this but i'll just leave it here. I don't wanna add on to the awesome-ness God has done in the lives of the


I had a great week thanks to them! RELAX! Take it eaaaaaaaasssyyyy.....! Kuki friend, Ayden & I! And this, i just had to post. Hehe. Taken by Nikki . I wonder what was he thinking when the camera is right at his face. Hmm... August 4th bro? We'll see... It's going to be a crazy exciting week ahead. I'll see you guys at the camp tomorrow. Don't stress ah...don't stress! And to my 5cs mates... IT'S REUNION TIME BAYBEH!! In Him

Send this to 9374364523912849281 people or else...

Of all chain letters i've ever received, this is one that really made me go... 0_o? Subject: Why boyz shouldn't cheat on girls! There was once a girl named Ashley who had a boyfriend named Jack. Jack was the most popular boy in the school. The three most popular girls were Courtney, Ashley and Emma. Jack thought of Ashley as OKAY, but he REALLY liked Courtney. Courtney liked jack also. Well of course she did, everyone did! Ashley and Courtney were worst enemies. Courtney tried to steal Jack away everytime she had a chance to. One day, Courtney asked Jack if he wanted to go to the movies. Ashley heard everything....which movie theatre and what time. Ashley approached the movies that night and followed Jack and Courtney. Ashley sat right behind them. She watched them get close to each other and kiss....not only kiss, but practically get it on in the theatre. Courtney told jack 'Do you want to come to my place and skip this boring movie?' He replied 'Hell yes.' A

Waves of Mercy

I remembered one conversation on MSN where he said something like this; "So i guess i'll be seeing you playing the drums for YDM when i get back eh?" Somewhere in between those lines to which of course i told him no cause i don't think it'll be that soon. Gazillion thanks to teacher Wes for having so much patience with giving lessons and also to Joel , Stephen , Ben and Frank for a lot of encouragement and support because today... *yes today!* I CAN FINALLY PLAY A FULL SONG! I can only stand amaze at what He's provided me with because as far as i remembered, i always thought to myself i can never ever play any musical instrument at all. And today, He has proved me wrong again by showing me that He is a God that always fullfill His long as you ask. And for that, i will do my very best to improve and use what He's given me to serve Him. Although it's only one simple simple song, i'm just feeling extremely thankful because i should.

Mid-year resolution?

We're exactly halfway through to 2008! Was it a slow year or a quick one for you? It felt pretty fast for me with so much 'life dramas' happening. If you guys happened to do a list of New Year resolution earlier on like me, i would really encourage you guys to pause for a while, think of what you wanted to achieve then and then see where you've gotten so far with your list of resolutions. These were my list posted earlier this year; Lose weight. I managed to lose a few pounds here and there. Not exactly the whole "move over for a make over" amount of pounds but enough to make me fit back into some of the clothes i used to wear . It didn't exactly started out to be a goal on itself really but rather, the main aim of it was to keep myself a *wee* bit more healthier after what's been happening in my family. So technically, i think i can say i've achieved this. Spend only when 'necessary'. I must admit, i did try...but maybe not hard enoug

Congratulations to newly weds Tse Tow Joon Yeen & Jody Ho Siew Shia

Heartiest congratulations to two of my close friends whom i've known for quite a good number of years now. This will make it my 2nd official wedding ceremony i've attended so far. Click on the picture to check out the rest on my Picasa! There's just something nice about seeing both of your close friends getting together from a dating stage, going through the stages of being in 'love' until they tie the knot legally. Beautiful... And then there's the annoying part where your other friends will jokingly ask... "So, when's your turn?" in weddings. Good question. In Him

Anandee's pictures and YDM 25.05.08!

Thought i'd share these overdue pictures. It was up on my Picasa a while back...just forgot to post it up here. Enjoy! Anandee's departure to Kuala Lumpur. And YDM's service on the 24th of May with Joel sharing the word. Preach it brotha! The next time you see Mr.Ang , remember it's not pronounced "TEE-YU-SION" but rather "TWO-E-SION" for the word "Tuition" and it's not "CLAH-SS" anymore but "CLEH-SS" for the word "Class" . Yup, yup. We be speaking the New York. Maybe you should offer someone two-e-sion classes as a part time job? Actualleh...eventualleh....bahahahaha! In Him


According to my friend who works at SMARTER Brunei , they said that autistic children react to several things. One of the several things are.... bubbly wraps . Bubbly wraps. And of course, what do you get when you have those bubbly wraps lying around? "Autistic kid" :P If i know him well enough, his reaction upon seeing this would be "BAYIII!" Hehe. Joke bro...joke,joke! In Him

During the weekend

My deepest condolences to a really good friend of mine JL who just recently lost his mom. Bro, i'm literally lost for words when i saw you today as i felt just probably a pinch of your huge loss. Your mom was a good person and she will definitely be fondly remembered by a lot of people. May her soul rests well. ~@~ Family Church camp was simply uplifting. A lot of us had a great time of worship, ministering, healing and revival. Next up, YDM Youth Camp ! Egg-cited? In Him

Happy Belated Birthday Little Len!

Sorry for the delay peeps. I've been trying to find a way to insert her reaction clip on the greeting video and with a little help from Kit , i managed to find out how to do it. Hehe. Plus, i tried uploading at first, but thanks to Brunei's #1 broadband services (i seriously think that Brunei's broadband is probably the only broadband that keeps disconnecting every few hours...) , i had some problems doing so. But anyway, here's the video that was compiled for Sharon's 21st birthday. The timing of her reaction (gazillion thanks to Cassy for the helping out on that!) isn't exactly accurate since i don't know the proper time frame but you can assume her reactions are roughly a few seconds late...unless she suddenly think that the people's faces back home are suddenly so funny on the computer that she just randomly laughs at them? :P Hope you did like the video Len and hope you had fun on your 21st birthday. Oh, I do apologize if some of you are