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Happy Birthday to...

TECKY! Dude's 24. Have a blast, London Boy! Govinda Jaya Jaya....Gopala Jaya Jaya~ In Him

I miss..

Friends i left behind in Malaysia...i miss you! :( In Him

Wedding disaster

In the midst of what i'm going through, i had by far the weirdest dream ever... I was panicking so badly and on the verge of crying because my mom gave me 2 rusty, unclean and the most ugliest looking old gold wedding rings for my wedding. If that's not bad enough, i couldn't get it clean on time at a jewelery store because my wedding was in a few hours. The lady behind the counter told me it'll only be ready the next day. What's more horrifying was the fact that i couldn't even afford to buy nicer looking wedding rings... in my freakin' dreams!! Luckily i did not manage to catch any glimpse of the bride... In Him

About miracles

I'm sure some of you might have faced this situation in life before. There will come a time where you'll be facing a crisis and there's nothign you can do to control the situation. Yes, we are human made of flesh and blood and our capabilities are limited. So what would you do if such crisis gets thrown in your face? As a Christian, i've been taught to pray and to let God handle the situation. And so i did. I've heard a lot of testimonies from other people about how God answered prayers by sending miracles. But then again, it's always 'other people' and not you. Eventually, you will get tired of hoping for a miracle. Over the past few days, i've been thinking a lot about issues that i face in life. Sometimes i wonder what's up with God? Why is He always picking on me? Why isn't He answering my prayers and showing me miracles? Are there even such things as miracles? As i ponder upon that question, i read this; The role miracles play in the li

Life ain't easy

Mom and bro left for Hong Kong today. As they walked in the departure gates, so much emotions and thoughts went through my mind. Part of me felt really scared for him as i really do not know what to expect from this treatment nor what the outcome of it will be like. It also felt like a layer of protection that has been covering me just got torn away which made me feel a bit...insecure. I know i haven't been the best younger brother but i know throughout my years of growing up, bro has always been keeping an eye out for me. So as he went in the departure gates, it felt like as if my 'other life insurance' just expired and can't be renewed for the time being. I also worry for my mom's health, how is she going to cope with the cold weather in Hong Kong and how much longer can she take emotionally, physically and mentally. Another part of me felt like a bigger responsibilty have been placed over my shoulders with 2 of my sisters to look out for, family's car to sen

Son to

Pa, It's been a year. A long dreadful year. So much have happened while you were away . It's been hard trying to adjust certain things on our own way when back then, it's always been your so called "system" around the house. Ah, the house sure has been more quiet-er without you around yelling our names and scolding us. It's still pretty much the same since you left cause that's how the way you like it feels home to all of us. Mummy's been really tired. Certain things where you usually handled now falls on her shoulders. We know she misses you a whole lot even though she only pops out your name every once in a while but we can tell she misses you so much just by the look on her face. She's been keeping herself busy with many activities for a year now. Sometimes we don't know if that's how she likes it or she just don't want to sit around the house on her own for too long knowing she'll eventually starts thinking of you agai

Tak Tung Chiang...

This year, we celebrate the year of ze rats. Or some would like to call it, year of the mouse. It's quite ironic cause i remember some people (or at least the super chinese type of people) decided not to eat chicken during the year of the rooster/chicken and some skipped eating pork during the year of the pigs. So...this year what do we do with the rats? Obviously we don't eat them although i know there are certain countries that treat them as a delicacy. Lunch anyone? I guess that'll only lead to one thing. Be nice to them. Growing up, i've seen how my family dealt with these pests. I've always been so eager to check the rat glue the next day whenever my dad used to set it around the house. Or the little mouse trap that that's being strategically planted around. If they were caught, i'd usually have some fun poking them with sticks before letting my dad do whatever he usually does with that. Unlike some people i know, they usually pour hot boiling water ov

Happy 21st Birthday Drey...

I don't have a recent picture with her since she decided not to come back this we'll just do with the old picture. I think this was 2 years ago? Through the pinches, laughters and tears...for a while i thought i really forgot that it was not the 3rd of February but the 2nd instead. I was pretty sure it's the 3rd...but then again, with her toneless, not so excited voice, she can really make you think you've got the wrong date. -_- Drey , know that you'll always be dear to me whether or not your birthday is on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or the 5th. I miss you heaps. <3 Happy 21st birthday! Oh and guess what someone bought back from Singapore? IKEA'S SWEDISH MEATBALLS! Of course he did not tapau the cooked one la. That's gonna be so bangas by the time it's here. Instead he brought back the special frozen packed meatballs with packets of gravy and the oh-so special jam for the meatballs. With three guys going crazy baking meatballs, boiling potato

Happy Birthday Janet...

Just before i officially end today (although it's already past midnight, the day doesn't quite end yet for me...unless i sleep!) , i thought it'd be cool to wish Janet another happy 21st birthday! The whole journey was all worth it...thanks to Jerica. Haha. Hope you did had a fantastic time. Come back soon lah. Your friends back home miss a lot of your "puchuts" and "blurness" ! Har-har-har. In Him