My biggest inspiration...

He was borned in Hong Kong back in 1950. It wasn't a rich family but his parents managed to send him to Scotland to pursue his studies in Accounting. Sad to say, his family never had the money to finance him while he was in Scotland. All the money they had was just enough to pay for his college fees. The rest was up to him. From there, he learned about life the hard way. While studying, he had to get a part time job as his own allowance. For food, he had to save as much as he can. Coming from a Chinese family, he knew what he could eat and what others (the foreigners) usually don't. What he usually did was, he went around restaurants and asked the kitchen staffs for food. Not fully cooked food nor left overs but rather "spareparts" of pigs and chickens such as intestines, liver, tongue, feet, etc. Back then, foreigners don't really know what to do with these parts of the animals and most of it were given to him. From there, he brought these home and made his own meal to survive for the day.

After graduating, he was working for a jockey club as an accountant. It wasn't really a good pay but at least he had a job. Around 1970-ish, he and a few of his siblings younger than him were asked to migrate with his parents to Sabah. His parents were teachers of some schools while he was trying to look for a job. Eventually, he decided to migrate to Brunei to start his own living. From his savings and what his parents gave him, he started off as a simple young man with an amount of $6000. There, he manage to find a small unit next to St' Andrews Church and settled for a job at a yatch club. Back then, business was good. He worked his way up to be a manager of the yatch club. He then met a woman who would eventually be his wife. It wasn't a smooth road ahead trying to get his family to approve of their marriage as that woman isn't highly educated. Somehow, someway, they married in a small chapel quietly and broke the news to his family.

It took several years for this woman to be accepted into his family. Later on, he decided to quit his current job and took a risk to look for a different job. He found a quarry who was hiring for an accountant. With all his knowledge he had, he eventually took the job. There, step by step, he worked his way up of being a manager until today. Sadly, few months ago, he was diagnosed with Pancreas Cancer. Luckily, he had his life savings which helped him undergo a major operation and his chemotherapy sessions. He was planning of retiring within a few years, using that life saving of his to travel the world with his wife. But however, that dream of his was shattered. Eventually, he will still need to retire. Day by day, he's passing on whatever he had learned for the past 20 years in the quarry to his son hoping his son will eventually carry on what he had accomplished in his life.

This simple man is my dad. And he will always and forever be my biggest inspiration in life.

In Him


juice said…
wow, thats a really great.. inspiration. i admire your dad! :)
Chester said…
Yeah me too. If only we were all as strong.

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