Slowing down...

Have you ever had this feeling where you feel like there's just so much things to do but yet, there's so little time? But if you really think about these 'things' that seems to be so important, it's not really that important at all. It's just that you're doing it to pass time that it's finally becoming to be 'important' to you. And so, the word 'important' just begin to lose it's meaning.

Ironically, after weeks of being so busy, today Rev. Johnny was teaching on "Decision Making" where there was one part he gave an example of a workaholic that suddenly just passed out because of over-working. It's not wrong to work your arse off but then, it's time like these where God just allow these to happen and ask you to just slow down and take time out.

I've been pretty much caught up with so many things, that honestly, i don't even know why i'm pushing myself. By the end of the day, i feel really exhausted to the point where i can't even lie down on my bed and think what i have accomplished for the day. It's not a good thing at all but yet, i just can't help myself from doing these so call 'tasks'. I guess that's one of the reason why my zits are appearing again. Heck, even my dad can see that i'm over commiting myself.

Life is too short i guess...gotta make full use of it. On another note, gotta check this out. It's just really weird.

In Him


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