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Documentary: Money4Jam

Considering i've put in so much effort and time on filming and editing this 3 1/2 minutes documentary, i might as well post this everywhere. This is part of my Communication Studies course in AUT University which is under video production. And now, Pearl Jam's "Last Kiss" is gonna be stuck in your head for the next few days. Muahahahaha!

Adam Lambert's "The Glam Nation Tour" Live in Auckland 2010

As sad as this may sound, Adam Lambert's concert was officially my first concert that i attended since coming to New Zealand. I've been here for about a year and a half already and so far, there had quite a number of big names that have performed but i never really bothered...mostly because it wasn't my favourite genre of music. I've always admired Adam Lambert for his vocals ability ever since he auditioned for American Idol back in 2009. Especially during these days where auto-tune is so overly used in the mainstream music, you really need to applaud this guy for his natural talent. After the finale of American Idol, despite losing to Kris Allen, i knew that was all the publicity he needed to get a record deal in order to release an album and sure enough, his first debut album "For Your Entertainment" was released six months later. But of course, that was also followed with his whole sexuality  bit which got things stirred up while he was competing for I

Lesson from dad

I remember this clearly when i was out having a meal with both my parents and a friend of my dad at a fancy restaurant during the early stage of my dad's diagnosis with pancreatic cancer. This was probably late back in 2005 or early 2006. My dad's friend always loves to pay for the bill insisted that this meal was on him and asked around what we wanted to have. For some reason, when you're a kid, you always get asked first by your parents' friend. And me being me, i was always indecisive with what i wanted so when the question was thrown at me, i just politely said " Anything's fine with me ,"or to be specific, in Mandarin i said " Sui bien. " At this point, my both my dad and his friend started giving me a lecture about the answer i gave. I specifically remembered my dad saying "That sort of answer will not get you far in life."And me being 18 - 19 then thought it wasn't a big deal and felt a little annoyed that i got an earful o