Butt kicking showdown!

Referring to the comment by my friend Basira on my last entry about TelBru giving me an ass-kicking. Well, i don't think i'd be eligible to get one (since i was pretty nice on my 'opinion') but sometimes people should really think twice about sticking their nose into another people's business.

After my 'opinion' got published on May 24th's Borneo Bulletin issue, they replied as you can see in my last entry with regret which they know it's their mistake. Then the next week after that, some dude name "E-Slow" decides to "pour gasoline onto the fire" if you know what i mean.

Speed up and improve customer service
Referring to kangta164's article 'E-speed blues continue' dated May 24, 2006

Yes, I fully agree with you. TelBru should improve their customer service. Recently, I kept on complaining to TelBru how terrible my connection was. I only have connections during the day and when it comes to night, nothing! I didnt pay $98 for only day internet connection, it was supposed to be a 24 hour internet connection.

Can you explain to me why this is happening? I cant even do research for my assignments! I kept on calling the customer service for more than 10 times and everytime they will reply "we will forward this to our technician". There was this one time I recall, he said he will send a technician over to my house the following day.

The next day, I waited the whole day for the technician but there were none. TelBru should be more aware of their responsibilities towards the customers. That's the difference you should make. One more thing, when will TelBru introduce a broadband connection? They referred the current espeed2 as a broadband connection but for your information it's not! espeed2 is just an ADSL connection. Please introduce faster broadband internet connections soon. I'm sure people would prefer that.

Please make a difference.
- eslow

(Borneo Bulletin opinion section May 31st 2006 issue.)

No offense, but correct my if i'm wrong...isn't ADSL and Broadband the same thing? I'm not really PC literate but i think it is? Anyway, moving on...i thought TelBru was probably gonna reply with something like "TelBru apologizes for customer's inconvenience.." or something like that...

TelBru wants to meet ESlow

We are grateful to ESlow for expressing his opinion "Speed up and improve customer service" as published in BB, May 31, 2006.
We have investigated his allegation in TelBru and unfortunately we have not found anything in our record of a customer calling us for more than 10 times or having to wait longer for any problems to be rectified.

Our analysis on the monthly complaint statistic of espeed2 indicated that over 90% of the faults occurred within the customer premises, remediable within their jurisdiction.

However, we recognise that we are not infallible and therefore would invite Eslow to contact us at the address below so that we can improve our service further.

To show our genuine concern to the writer's grievances, we are willing to waive $98, a month rental fee from his forthcoming bill, if the case is proven to be bona fide and that the faults lied on our part.

- Adri HM Arshad
Corporate Communications
Telekom Brunei Berhad
T: 2384888, F: 2383888,
E: info@telbru.com.bn

(Borneo Bulletin opinion section June 3rd 2006 issue)

With that sort of headlines, as Russell Peters would say, "Somebodieee's gonna getta hurtt realll bad...!" E-Slow definitely beat me to the headlines but then again, I think i'll just keep my two cents to myself next time before somebody single me out.

And on another note, i just simply adore how Bruneians can think of funny names to sub with company they have issue with. Like for example, E-Speed (since we're talking on this issue, i might just get it over and done with) they have all sorts of funny pseudonym for it. Expensive-Speed, E-Slow, E-Shit, etc...

Since JTB was recently corporatised to TelBru, i really couldn't think of anything funny to twist it with. But only a true Bruneian can.

Why bill us when there is no connection?

With the corporatisation of JTB, the nation looks forward to a brand new unit to provide some excellent telecommunication services to the nation. The slogan "making a difference' sounds good.
I would applaud JTB for their success in the past decades with the availability of limited technology. As technology advances, we would expect better services. Sadly however, it seems to be getting worse.

Some of the many issues to be highlighted:

1. Telbru being a corporate body does not even have 24/7 technical support. The response time is terribly slow and this should not be the case. Phone lines were disconnected for 4 days and yet are still not rectified. If it is a major problem, at least do inform the public through the proper channel.

2. Is it part of the strategy to have phone disconnected and yet the billing of other services continue? Imagine phone line down and we have to pay the phone rental, other phone services such as phone locking, caller id and worst of all, espeed subscription? Why are we paying those subcription when we can't use it?

3. Numerous complaints had been made and the operator at 121 was giving a tone where it makes us, the consumers (We are paying their salaries) feel like it is our fault for complaining.

4. Does Telbru conduct training operations in their contact centre?

5. Last but not least, may I kindly seek some clarification that if 'Making a Difference' is the right slogan to use after all?

- Tell Buruk

(Borneo Bulletin's opinion section June 3rd 2006 issue.)

Bahahahahahahha! That's by far the best pseudonym ever for the new TelBru! Plus, this letter just gets straight to the point. I'd love to read TelBru's reply for this one. And obviously, i wouldn't wanna be in Mr. Adri HM Arshad's shoes right now. :)

In Him


kangta164 said…
Nick: Just give yourself sometime..you're still 'fresh' to the broadband services i guess? Hahah...

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