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Cook or Archuleta?

After a massive success of 7 seasons, FOX have decided to do a major facelift to their number 1 reality show in the world, American Idol ! Apparently, due to much controversy from viewers, the producer of the show have reluctantly agreed together with the CEO of FOX that they will be replacing their ever so famous 3 judges. Major shocker for all American Idol fans! Farewell to Randy, Paula and Simon! Below are their new replacements for the upcoming season.... "What the bloody hell was that?!" Haha! Grand Finale coming out soon! Which David are you rootin' for? In Him

"Boss! Ada kerja?"

Some local dude walked in to my office a few minutes ago asking demanding for a job. I would've given some thoughts to hire him if; #1. He had asked properly whether there's any vacancy in the company but instead of applying even the most simplest common courtesy, he asked like as if he wanted to pick a fight with me. #2. He had spent just a few minutes of his life preparing himself. To me, he looked like as if he just woke up, took a puff of cigarette and went around looking for a job. No, he wasn't wearing anything close to decent and his breath stank so bad of cigarettes. #3. The person accompanying him would convince me that i should hire him instead of standing behind him, staring at me like as if he was gonna bite my head off anytime. #4. He knew what position he wanted to apply instead of saying; "Ahh, manasajatah..." #5. If he was a foreigner. So, I rejected him. BAHAHAHAHHA! In Him

Farewell #5 - Anandee

Today we bid farewell to Anand Pirinyuang a.k.a Anandee / Anandy / Dude with a cool walk. Here's a little present from me to you for not shedding any tears at all at the airport...maintain coolness konon. Better don't surprise us by coming back with an 'awek' on your next trip home. Oh by the way, the name is CHENG not CHIENG . :P I shall repeat what you always say... "Take care my friend !" In Him

Here kitty kitty...

The other day, we found a stray kitten wandering near my Mitusbishi Lancer if not, hiding in the car's engine. We had no idea where it came from but my sister thought it probably 'tumpang' in the car's engine all the way from MD to the house. Initially, it caused quite a havoc prior to us finding out where all the meowings came from. My sister was a bit paranoid to move the car too fearing that it might be hiding in the engine and thought she might murder the kitten so she decided to do something... smart . She took a hose, switched on the water and literally tried to spray the engine. My freakin' Mitsubishi Lancer car's engine. Of course, before any water managed to seep in the car's engine, i stopped her. Then suddenly, we saw a little kitten stick it's head out from behind a flower vase just right in front of the car. -_-" After seeing the little helpless kitten, both my sisters and I didn't know what to do with it so we thought it'd be

Queen of Jordan

Guys...feast your eyes upon the hottest queen ever who's in town for a 3 days visit. In Him

Farewell #4 - Leong & Amy

Here's some pictures i took of at the airport when sending off my brother's friends (i don't know why i keep pointing out that's my brother's friends when technically speaking, they're also my friends?) Leong and Amy . Hope you guys are settling down finely in the land down under. Don't forget to bring back Apple Struddels when you come back home for holidays ok? All the best for this very new chapter in life in an angmoh land. Hehe. Take care! In Him

Aim higher, fill my desire? *Brrr*

IT'S BACK!!! Only You.mp3 Last year i missed out on him but hopefully this year it won't happen again. I'm not sure if the 'OH-OHHHUGHLY YOU' man is joining this year's competition but i certainly do wish there are other original ones out there too. Ah yes, it's raw, undiscovered talents like these that make competition much more entertaining. Come support the Pilihan Akira Talentine 2008 this year! Auditions are scheduled to be held at RTB Studio A on Saturday and Sunday the 10th & 11th of May 2008 at 9am - 12pm and 1pm - 5pm . See you there! In Him

Look what came in today!

I would usually have this really exciting feeling inside me whenever i'm expecting a package but this morning, i got a call from the MPC Post Office saying that i've got an overdue package that i have yet to collect. Now, the last time i did not collect my item was mostly due to the card that the post office sent got delivered to the wrong postal address thus causing a major delay and for that, i will need to wait for probably a month-ish or so for them to resend a second reminder card asking me to collect the package i.e. provided if they do not mess up the address on the card again. So anyway, when i received that call earlier this morning, curiousity got the better side of me rather than the usual excitement of collecting a package because as far as i could remember, up to date i have never ever missed out on any of my orders or in this case, never forgotten to collect a package. NEVER!! When i gave the package number to the officer at the post office, the 10 - 15 minute

Peelihan FM?

If yew are feewling vehry boring lateley, don't foget to chiun in Pilihan FM every Chooseday night with Izan and her weekley spehshell gas 'Cowry' (it seems to spelt that way since she's been called that way?) and have en utterly fun and grad time listening to her little "sermons" on astrologee, parenting teeps and the most recent one on saving whilelife wif the doubleyiudoubleyiueff dot o arr gee . Oh, nod forgetting our very beautifool Flaura and amazing Fownas in the hards of Borneo! In fake, i think yew can even disscover certain words wend listening to her yunik Englishh eggsen. I know i deed! Sum i thoutt ai cud never do even! No, really. Sheesh da bomb dominating the ehwaves every Chooseday naight! Now i need to faind a patner that's bourne the star of an Aquarium / Saggiteyrius to sheyre mai feelings? In Him

Who do i turn to?

Today is just one of those days where i felt like i needed my dad... a lot.

Tanjung Bunut Ebay...possible?

I'm selling off my IKEA MIKAEL CORNER WORKSTATION which i bought close to 2 years ago. Click here for more information! :) In Him