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19 till I almost die?

As most of you know, (most but not all..) i've just turned 19 yesterday. Thank you to those who have sent warm birthday messages which have definitely made me feel special. I could still remember that during my previous birthdays, i have this desire to make it the best birthday party. I'll only be happy if i get the presents that i want. I would always call tonnes of friends to celebrate it with me and of course, try to receive more angpows (red packets) from my parent's friends. But my 19th birthday would be the best so far. There weren't any presents nor were there any parties. There's definitely no angpows. This birthday, the whole world was celebrating with me because it fell on Easter Day. And it's my first time, that over 600+ people who attended the Easter service from St' Andrews Church sang a birthday song to me. The best present i received was a prayer made by Reverend. However, i also received one of the worst present this year. Getting "rot

The truth behind the truth?

I was queueing at a local bank doing the usual routine of depositing cheques when something that was shown on the television caught my eyes. They were showing CNN reports with the text below the t.v saying "Judas did not betray Jesus after all..." which was rather disturbing for me. I tried to listen to what the report was saying but i couldn't catch what was going on... So the whole world is talking about the actual event that took place that Judas did not betray Jesus at all. I've read this and didn't find it convincing at all. So far, i still couldn't find any website that tells the actual story but from the website that i've looked up to, it is mentioned that Judas actually acted on Jesus' request to be handed over to the authorities. But in the Bible itself, it was also mentioned that Judas did accept bribes from the authorities to get Jesus to be handed over to them. And what more, the almighty one did predict that Judas was going to betray Him