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Today i had a discussion with a group of friends about the Bible while studying the book of Ephesians. When we got to this verse that said; "Like the rest, we were by nature objects of wrath." Jeff, who was leading us in the discussion just threw out the question, asking us what we thought of that verse. There was about a minute of silence before one of us started doing literal definition. of 2 words from that verse "Dictionary on my phone defines object as a lifeless thing." said one of us. Then another one said, "Wrath pretty much means anger or fury right?" . I re-read that verse again with the new definition in my head and my heart started pounding. I wasn't sure if it was excitement or fear because what my mind got out of that new translation goes along the line of; By nature, we were something that were meant to be hated. Or in today's language, we're literally full of $#!@* . We're so filthy and sinful that God just had his wrath

My first Tongariro Alpine Crossing experience

It's been a crazy adventurous 3 weeks since i got back from my long 2 1/2 months holiday in Michigan. The pressure of being back in uni is already starting to get to me especially being somewhat of a freshman again except this time, you're suddenly in the second year (technically first year since i pulled out from my second semester last year). I just got back from a 7 hours tramp (hike for everyone outside of New Zealand as the word 'tramp' can be misinterpreted) at Tongariro Crossing with a group of friends over the weekend and all i can say is WOW! As painful as the whole walk was, once we've got to the peak and looked around us, i couldn't help but to praise God for creating something so beautiful. This was my first major tramp that i've ever done in my life and obviously i was had no experience whatsoever in doing stuffs like these other than doing little hikes back home in Brunei at Tasek Lama. I still consider that as an experience so that


If i were given a chance to turn back time, the one thing i would do is to grow up with an ambition. Actually, let me rephrase that. If i were given a chance to turn back time, the one thing i would do is to grow up with a REALISTIC ambition. I really envy some of my friends who grew up with ambitions like being a doctor, lawyer, radio dj, teacher and so on because with such ambitions, it definitely did set a clearer path for their life. I am currently doing my degree in Communication Studies and although it is fun and i am definitely enjoying my course at the moment, it dawned on me at the crossroad of choosing a major for this degree. That was where it made me realized how important ambitions are. I admit i did have one when i was younger and that was to be a singer. But that was or is pretty much everybody's dream. To be famous. Well, at least some were smart to realize that the dream of being famous can be quite impossible and learned to let go and strive for more realistic