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Happy Chinese New Year!

For all of you who didn't have a great start to 2012, here's another chance! May the lunar new year of the dragon bring everyone great health, wealth and prosperity! I'm thankful for family and friends to welcome me back home. Gong Xi Fa Chai!

My 2012 resolution

Like every year, i would always name out a list of things i wish to achieve for the year. I guess my  last year's resolution  did not go as well as planned but that shouldn't deter me from making resolutions for 2012. I think i've only achieved 3 out of my 8 resolutions which is pretty sad. But nevertheless, 2011 was another memorable year so time to look forward!  Now, what am i hoping to achieve for 2012? 1. Be a fully independent working man Now that i'm officially done with university, i guess it's time to put what my mom invested in me to full use. I'm hoping to score a full time career with any video production company seeing that my major is in television/video production. At this stage, i will be staying in New Zealand for another year since i'm entitled to apply for a graduate work visa so hopefully, it will be another fruitful time. Sorry  RTB , my plans to take over you have to be put on hold. :P 2. Attend church more frequently It's bee

So what's going to happen on 21st December 2012?

So we're finally in 2012. The year that's suppose to end. Or the year that might end. That's one of the first few things that crossed my head when the world was welcoming 2012 with cheers and alcohol. While  most people i've talked to would immediately assume nothing's going to happen on  21st December 2012 , it doesn't quite convince me about the possibility of it not happening. That thought was triggered right after watching this video.  © That was 100 years worth of war, killings, natural disasters and significant moment. And towards the last 5 to 10 years, you can see there's an increase of natural disasters globally. While it has been a great blessing being born and raised in Brunei, a country that is quite free from natural disasters (besides the occasional flooding due to rain and poor sewage system), I cannot help but wonder how petrified I'd be if I were to be caught in any of the disasters. A friend of mine al