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Birthday month is here....

I'll be turning 30 this year. While my wife is trying her best to hype it up for me, I just don't feel like there is a need to. To her, turning 30 is a very very big deal. Actually, every birthday is a big deal for her. I suppose that's one of the very many cultural differences between us. For me, I just feel like it's the same thing every year. I suppose why I feel this way is due to a few life events. Me being overseas by myself throughout my teens and early adulthood and having spent a few birthdays by myself have numbed me from being disappointed. Also ever since my dad's passing, I haven't really felt like there's a need to remind myself that I am another year older. I was 20 years old when dad passed. I felt like I was forced to step up and be an adult. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not saying I am not looking forward to my birthday or I'm being a Debbie Downer for my birthday. I am always grateful for every birthdays as I'm able t