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Tickets for sale!

I've got 2 cinema tickets worth $20 that includes popcorn and softdrink for 2 person which i wanna get rid of. It's for the upcoming Spiderman 3 movie at Empire Cinema and is valid only on Saturday 5 th of May 2007, the 7.10 pm show. You will need to reserve your seats first. Please leave a comment or contact me if you wanna get them. For free? Of course not...haha! Selling both for $15.00. *edit: Sold! :)* In Him


How would you feel if your protector happens to just disappear? Not referring protector to a guardian / bodyguard but let's a piece of shell? Try picturing this: 20 years of your life, this protector of yours have been protecting you faithfully. Whatever that comes close to your vulnarable skin, this shell of yours will protect it with what it has to offer...then all of a sudden, because of a little mistake, it's gone. Temporarily i hope. Ever thought of that? I found out first hand what it feels like. The first feeling was definitely excruciating . Then the more u look at it, you'll feel *gggaahh!* (no idea how exactly to explain that sort of feeling). Then the 'aftermath feeling' of it would be pretty weird. Know what i'm talking about? WARNING: NOT FOR THE WEAKED HEARTS! I lost half of my toe-nail while adjusting the darn sofa in my house. And it bloody hurts. That's my raw emotion when my aunt decided it's best to snip off the dangling pi

I'm stress-free!

Setting the record straight, no i did not dye my hair..that was a really old picture of me but hey, what's wrong with that hair anyway? Being 20 years old didn't really started off that great for me especially at a time like now where i'm so stressed out with work. I am most likely going to be updating a post regarding myjob because i don't think there's much people around my age whom i know is working in the same field but i'd be glad to meet one soon *hopefully* . I've been trying to deal with the stresses lately and apparently, i find that jogging or taking long walk does help a lot. All you need to do is get some good songs, good running shoes and you're good to go. Damuan Park If i'm not mistaken, the very last time i came here was way back when i was a kid. Back then, dad always brought the whole family here for family outings while he just take endless jogs. Think i'm taking after my dad pretty well... For now, i've decided to spend

Thank You!

My very first birthday cake without wordings and candles. Big thank you to Aunty Beth!! :) Definitely a memorable birthday this year. Many thanks to those who have sent birthday wishes through smses, calls, msn, greetings and leaving messages on my tagboard. I would love to list all the names out here but then again, i'm afraid i might accidentally leave some names out which is not a really nice thing to instead i'll just play safe and go with the celebrity type of thank you wishes.. "You know who you are..." :P But no- lah , seriously...i really appreciate the well wishes and gifts. It's time like these i just wish i never grew up in a country which abides to the M.I.B law so i could give each and everyone of you a big fat juicy kiss on this special day! Thank YOU for making my birthday so memorable! In Him

Titanic 2 : The Surface

The oh-so famous movie that brought Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet to instant fame has a part two? Check it out. Pretty cool huh? Too bad it's not real. Just some work of probably a bored student who got great editing skills with too much time on their hands. I almost fell for it. In Him

Stomp The Yard

"Once you're a Theta, you'll forever be a Theta.." So i managed to catch Stomp The Yard last night with Stephen . Didn't really plan to watch this movie initially as there were mixed feedbacks from some of my friends who have watched it. Some say it's really good, some say it was just okay...but for me, personally, the storyline of this is just way too cheesy. But before i continue, major credits for the choreographer who choreographed the dance for this movie. Yes, i'm very impressed with some of the dance moves and the whole "gettin' down with my homies move" but there are certain dance moves in this movie where you can just go home and laugh about it. No, really... WARNING : THOSE WHO HAVE PLANS TO WATCH THIS MOVIE, PLEASE CLOSE THE WINDOW RIGHT NOW BECAUSE I AM GOING TO SPOIL IT FOR YOU. On with the storyline... Dude starts off the movie with dance battle, his bro got killed because he became ignorant, felt guilty and decided to fullf