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Prayer request...

If you could please pray for my brother . He's not doing too well physically, mentally and spiritually. I am in despair .

Take a deep breath....

It's close to winter here and of course it's getting colder by the day. I'm not quite used to having this whole free air conditioning system everywhere yet although back home, i am quite notorious to be staying in a room that's like a freezer. I do turn it off whenever i feel cold though but in this case, let's just say the remote is no where to be found. So, after my shocking discovery of finding out the existence of a towel dryer , i also discovered that there is actually one proper heater in the living room. Hip hip hooray? No, not really. You see my friends, life would be so much easier if things always go your way. That's the sad part of being a student and having to share an apartment. Things just don't go your way most of the time. Being in this cold chilly weather, i see most of my neighbors' apartments windows are sealed tight, assuming that they're all kept warm with their handy dandy heater. And that would of course be an awesome feeling

There's a party goin on...

It took him quite long to get there but i'm still happy that he made it. Now we're a family again...

"She doesn't know a thing..."

I'm not suppose to post this online because the 'celebrities' that appeared in this clip refused to have this posted online. But i choose to be a bit samseng so i'm risking it to show you guys. It is part of my work anyway. :P This is the clip that we did for our media production video assignment few weeks back. It's was extremely hard to squeeze what we had into 2 minutes 30 seconds so a lot of good stuffs had to be snipped off. I'm moving on to doing radio now which isn't as exciting as filming yet but who knows maybe in weeks to come. All i know for now is that we need to come up with radio scripts to do radio drama. I mean really, who still listens to radio drama these days?

You know you come from Brunei when....

So last night i was having a conversation with my friend over MSN. We were just talking about the weather getting colder and she's just advising me that i should keep myself warm. I'm down with a flu by the way in case you guys are wondering. No, not swine. Just an ordinary flu. Eventually we got around to talking about heaters and this is how the conversation went... Her: Hey, you got heater in your room or not? It's really freezing... Me: Yeah i do but it's pretty pointless. I think it's not really working properly. Her: Really? Maybe you should go get one... Me: But it's a waste of money to go buy one when the apartment should provide a proper one. I don't get why this heater isn't giving out as much heat as it should! I should complain to them tomorrow. Her: You sure you set it to the right settings? Me: There's no setting at all. It's just one on and off switch. Her: What sort of heater is it? Me: The bulb type one. This is stupid. It gives

Interview at 7 am!?

Picture this.... You wake up, look at the time, it's 7.00 am. You sit up from the bed and get that usual swirling, spinning feeling in your head that you normally get when you wake up. You utter a quick prayer, head to the bathroom and do the usual toilet routine while thinking about your plans for the day. After that, you proceed to the kitchen, make yourself a cup of coffee, sits down and just try to shake the morning blur-ness away while enjoying the cup of coffee. And then, you hear the door see your flatmate walking out of his room holding on to his dear cup and plate. Yes, 7 in the morning and he looks like he just finished a feast. You mutter under your breath to yourself "Please don't talk to me...not at this time...brain don't wanna work yet..." He looks at you and greet you the usual way he's been greeting you for the past few months. A deep Indian accent "Hey..." . You just give him a quick smile and continue to enjoy your coff