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Wellesley Student Apartment blues.

Since my last post about Wellesley Student Apartment managed to gather quite a number of hits from random searches, i figured this time around instead of letting people know how the room is like, i should really write about my experience of staying with the student apartment. Staying in the student apartment for the first time did kick off to a good start for me. Looking back at how i spent my 6 months there, i wouldn't say it was all a sour experience. Then again, it wasn't all sweet either. Seeing as one of my resolution for this year is to try and be positive as i can, i shall write about what i genuinely enjoy staying in the student apartment. 1. Being able to stay 3 minutes away from campus. This definitely has to top my list especially if you're not a morning person like me. If you have class at 8am, you can probably still make it on time if you get out of bed by 7.45. 2. Getting to know different people or making new friends. This is only a plus if you're