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Excuse me Mr. Cheng Lim

Some of you might have know that i've been away for the past week taking a short break from life. It was an okay trip, didn't really relax nor enjoy cause my main purpose was to collect my certificates from my college and to help out on a concert. Speaking of certifcates, 2 years of hardwork and paying the course's fees on time, the diploma that's given by IMI Switzerland is one of the ugliest diploma ever. Seriously, we paid over RM $20k and studied their "Guten Tag" language every semester just to get us a plain piece of paper designed by a person which i believe that have NO SENSE of creativity. I mean, i know it's going to turn out ugly but not this ugly. No wait, it's way beyond ugly. Swiss people i tell ya...only know how to design properly for Ikea stuffs but not certificates. Tsk tsk! As far as my testimonial is concerned, I got really nice comments from my lecturers but whoever was responsible for typing out the testimonial really needs to g

I'm a murderer?

It was a dog. I know, i know, you guys must've gone like "Aww! How could you?!" but hey, it's not like as if i purposely drove around my area to look for one dog and for the fun of seeing how it flies, just speed my car and bang the crap out of it. Seriously, it's not a good feeling to know that you've taken a life out of something that lives. And it's NOT at all a good feeling to pay a hefty $550 to get it all patched up. Trust me, paying that amount of money just made you feel like you wanna run over that dog a couple more time to make sure it's really dead or something. The car is all good now. And so life goes on... I was at Baiduri Bank (Supasave) this afternoon when something unusual happened. I parked my car and got out, in front of me stood 3 women. Well definitely not God sent women but rather, China women. And here's the funny thing about China women. They're not shy at all. I don't even think they know what the word shy means. An


Study the picture carefully. What do you think the driver of this car have crashed into? A) A water hydrant B) A dog C) The pathway of a building D) None. The car got vandalised!


It's been almost a week since YDM Youth Camp ended. I'm sure all of you who went for the camp have had an ooosome time. I've been thinking of updating this blog for quite sometime but guess i'm running out of ideas to update? I'll just leave you guys with another version of 'From The Inside Out' by Hillsong. It's from their new and latest album entitled "Mighty To Save". Enjoy! In Him