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Gong Xi Fa Chai!

It's the year of the dog. And yes, i really do miss good ol' Milky. To all my readers, Happy Chinese New Year...may this year of the dog bring all of you great health and luck! So i manage to make myself a 'personal things to do list before Chinese New Year' and i manage to do most of it. Well, pretty much all of it i think just that the results are not that promising. And, seeing that most of my friends, have got their driving license, i decided to rush things up by pushing myself to the limit of doing two things at one. Right after finish painting my room, i went and sat for a mock test for my law exam. Thank goodness , it was just a 'mock' ! Totally flunked it. But then again, i don't feel that bad seeing that it's just a mock and having this tiny little reassurance at the back of my head saying that probably half of the roadsign that were on the testpaper today doesn't even exist on the roadside of Brunei. Aside from me sleeping and suffocat

Back to #1....

Meet my family. We are one BIG happy family. As illustrated, out of all my siblings, i'm considered the smallest. And i blame it on my dad. I have his genes while my brother and my sisters have my mom's big genes. Both of my sisters are still growing and i think i've stopped. Really...'s been a long week for me especially trying to settle down after staying alone for 2 years in KL. Coming back home is a big big relieve for me as i need not worry about feeding my growing appetite with unhealthy junks but then, i think i still prefer life staying alone and being alone. Haven't done anything progressive but made a number of plans for myself. Officially, i'm starting work on February 1st so i'm trying to rush myself to achieve what i have in mind before i start to get 'busy'. I'd love to see this being shown on AXN channel on one of their featured show, Worst Case Scenario . If you have no idea what that show is about, they're like teach


I haven't used the word oh-oh for quite sometime cause lately, there's nothing much to oh-oh about. But now, i dedicate this whole entry to oh-oh about my body. I had my first blood test earlier on and the results came in few weeks ago but i've only gotten mine last night. Here's what my report says. The good news, most of my body parts are okay i suppose. But it doesn't matter much really because when there's one problem, that's a big oh-oh and yes, i've got a few problems. And for the bad news...let's see firstly, i'm suffering from Uric Acid cause the report says my level of "acidity" is pretty high. An average male would have their acidity between 203 - 402 level whereas an average woman would have theirs at between 143 - 341. As far as mine is concern, it's about 502 . That's a big oh-oh . Part 2, i'm also suffering from high cholestrol . This i'm not that shock due to the obesity in me. But i was suprised t

Brand New Year

So officially, this is going to be my first post in 2006. Happy New Year to all of you despite being 3 days late. I've been having short conversations with a few of my classmates who are back in their hometown earlier on. Most of them come to me with these random questions and replies.. Friend: Hey! Happy New Year...! Me: Yeah, you too... Friend: So...where are you now? Me: Err...home? Friend: Home as in Brunei home or..? Me: Nolah, still in PJ...hehe Friend: HAR!? What are you still doing there? Why don't go back? Me: Dunno also.. Friend: Oic Come to think about it, why am i still here when i can be back in Brunei now? Sometimes i don't quite get myself either. Haha. Been slacking around lately. Celebrated Christmas, New Year and my housemate's birthday in Redbox. How sad is that? The last trip was horrible though. I went in a healthy person and came out instantly sick. I think their microphones are infected with some funky virus...right now my nose is blocked and i