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Little Manhattan

Yes, another random movie picked out by yours truly. Lately, i've been somewhat attracted to "lovey-dovey" movie storylines for a change after years of watching horror genres and surprisingly, i'm good at picking out nice love movies. Not too soapy, not too fairytale, just nice. Or maybe it just pure luck. Little Manhattan is your typical puppy love story but only to be seen through the eyes and feelings of a 10 years old boy. I hate to brag but all you girls out there, if you wanna know what's going through the minds of guys who are in love with you, or at least being the first time in love, this movie explains everything. From the good ol' "girls have cooties" (not applicable to Asians i presume) thing to that little "butterflies" feeling in your tummy and then to the major breakup that literally shatters both hearts to bits and pieces. May i add that we, guys have feelings too you know when it comes to the major "I HATE YOU!!"

Horrific accident

Just saw another horrific accident this morning on my way to work and this time i think someone got killed. A lorry crashed into another lorry's back on the way down from the Telanai Hill. And it seemed like the front area of the lorry that crashed into the back of the other lorry couldn't have survive the impact. From what i saw, the whole passenger seat seems...squashed. And no, i still don't find it appropriate to take pictures of accidents. Or maybe my skin isn't that thick yet like a true Bruneian... And my accountant who heard the news, being a really typical chinese lady , blame it on the 'time of the month' . Yeap, the hungry ghost festival month. In Him


Everyone's talking about it today...or maybe it's only me but i was a *wee* bit excited about the whole eclipse phenomena going on today. However, much to my disappointment, i couldn't quite spot the sun nor the moon around the estimated time due to the rain. I'm sure i wasn't the only one cause on my way home, i saw quite a number of cars slowing down looking up at the sky every few minutes. I admit, i sort of did that too until i almost reached home when i saw blue flashing lights. You know what that means. P-O-L-I-C-E! Wasn't a roadblock but rather, a major accident around the Mulaut area. I remember back then my mom always tell me she gets really paranoid when driving next to a trailer cause she always have funny thoughts that one way or another, the trailer might just fall one side and crush her or something. I mean what are the odds right? Apparently that was what happened. Not my mom lah wei *choiii touchwood* but there it was, a huge ass trailer / lo


Have i mentioned that aside from Korean music, or specifically Kang Ta's music, i'm also a big big fan of Christian duo Shane & Shane ? After a long period of waiting for their new album (which i got bored of checking their website repeatedly, and in the end, Joel was the one who told me about the scheduled release of their new album...) they have finally came up with their brand new album entitled Pages . I'm sure this bugger will definitely get his hands on the album first 'cause before he left, he's already 'pushing my buttons' about it. But that's YOUR advantage being in the States. As for my advantage of staying in good old Brunei? Uhh...i can get my hands on Zul-F's album here first...? Right....hahaha! But anway, this is the best part about getting the new Shane & Shane's album... *Click on picture to enlarge * I just hope this time, the cds won't make another de-tour trip back here . Perhaps i should take advantage of Br

Sound Effects...

If you're out with a bunch of friends, try listening to their conversations or at least their stories and catch what sort of sound effects they're using in their speech. I've managed to pick up one of the most used effects in conversations that i've had so far; "....Ddsshhh!" That's like the universal effect you can use for whatever scenario you have in mind that you want to explain. For example, you can use the sound "ddshh" in making songs explanations; " That night i tell you, syok man the club. They played my the song ah and it went like ddsshhhh ddsshhh dddssshhh ..." or you can also use that sound effect when explaining bits and pieces of most action movies... "So when the car fly ah, Bruce Willis shot ngam ngam at the fuel 'tangki' there ddsshh ddsshhh ddssshh (they actually ddsshh the exact amount of times the shot Bruce Willis fired!) then the car explode...BOOM ! " But the most scenario used for this effec


Manage to spend a good number of hours talking with someone whom i've always wanted to have a good talk with. Thanks for listening. And lookie lookie, McDonald's came out with a new product. If you're lucky you can probably find this is your local McDonald's menu...but i doubt you can because most likely it's only in Brunei. So all you fast food lovers, i hereby introduce the yummiest McDonald's menu ever came up withe... The all new McSlippers ! Kidding la. Just so happen to find these slippers outside some shop around the Serusop area. It'd be funny to know if McDonald's really did start investing in footwear though. But i'd say this would be some rip off cheapo slippers sold by the shop. How i know? Cause they also sell... Perharps their slogan would be "I didn't do it!" If you're using Abibas slippers, you're sooo outdated! :P In Him

BSM Seminar @ Empire Hotel

Attended Brunei Shell Marketing's Seminar on lubricants today at The Empire Hotel & Country Club . Initially, i did not want to attend such function because most of the time, it'd be bosses or at least head of companies attending such events thus, i'd definitely feel out of place. But after giving much thoughts on the positive side of attending this and since my boss did directly ask me to represent my company, i've got no better options but to attend. Plus, this was my first official seminar alone and representing my company. *pats myself* I've skipped many a lot of company dinner invitations and government ceremonies due to the fact that i still don't think i'm ready to face the business side of the world as 'Andrew's son' . I arrived on time surprisingly and as predicted, everyone knew everyone and I was pretty much deserted. While on my way to Empire this morning, i was actually picturing the seating arrangement of the seminar to be the

Farewell #2 - Len

Another farewell post. Just thought i should delay putting up this post a bit ( i have my very own reasons ) but anyway, this time we're saying bon voyage to Ms. Sharon Cheong Oi Len . Let's see, there's just so much to say about you that i don't quite know where to begin with. It's been a big blessing to have met you in highschool. As i reflect the times we've spent together, i just find it really funny how life leads from one thing to another. From being my friend in school to horrible emcee partners for Teacher's Day and then to councillors, then now my 'little sister' . Hehe. Well, it has definitely been an emotional rollercoaster year for you especially on the part where you have to decide for your own future. I'm happy that i was one of the people you decided to turn to when you needed someone to listen to though i have to admit, i didn't quite do much really. Plus, most of the time i guess the conversation somehow ended to you listenin


It's been a draggy week for me. I'm struggling with everything at this very moment. Waking up to work has been dreadful. Haven't been hanging out much with anyone. Don't feel like bothering about anything at all. Some say it's just a phase that everyone goes through every once in a while. I guess you can assume it's like period for girls...just that mine doesn't comes bloodily. Sigh. Maybe it's because i did something which i was not supposed to several weeks ago. Or probably because friends are slowly flying off one by one. Or maybe i'm just in need of a new inspiration. I don't know. Speaking of that sentence, i just realized i've been using that a lot as an excuse lately. Anyway, I was watching some Filipino drama on DVD 2 nights ago and there was this particular scene that really got me thinking. Let's say you're a devoted Christian who loves God and your family. What would you do, if your family got kidnapped and their lives ar

Farewell #1 - Ms. Ong / Joel

I hate goodbyes and i'm never good at it. Oh how much i hate it when you're just getting a bit comfortable knowing the person finally and then, the next thing you know, they're like going off. And whether or not they're coming back the same way the were, is another different story. But most of the time, they come back totally different anyway. *COUGHS* But anyway, 2 people i know are leaving. One to the U.K and the other one to good ol'America. But i'll pick on the "soon to be Enguhhhland" lady first. I know she's sooo gonna hate me for doing this but who cares la, not like i'm the one leaving anyway. :P Ms.Ong ! Haha...surprise, surprise the picture's not deleted yet eh? Don't freak out la you still look 'purrttty'. Well, sleepily pretty that is. Bahahaha! Yeah, yeah i know we just so happen to talk this year only lah and looking back, it's quite funny how we started conversing from our silly tagboards calling each oth