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Sippin' on my whisky while watching a few  REACT  videos on teens guessing on songs from the 90's and watching them getting so many wrong just made me feel...old. Then bam. A sudden wave of thoughts just flowed through my mind. Mainly a lot of uncertainty with life being in this country especially after knowing how a few of my friends are losing their jobs. I really don't know what the future holds for this place anymore. Then again, I also don't know if life is going to be any easier if I were to be elsewhere either. Most days I still feel like I'm still that same kid in class back in highshool trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. But here I am - legally an adult and still trying to figure out life itself. What am I doing with my life?

TelBru doesn't care.

If you've been following my blog since the beginning, you would've known by now how much I hate TelBru's shitty internet service. Even before it was corporatised to TelBru, I hated it . When they announced they were being corporatised from JTB to TelBru, I thought things may be for the better but nope, majority of the country's population is still being ripped off with their ridiculous pricing . But what else can we do besides having to move on with a 'just deal with it' attitude since they are the only internet service provider nationwide? I do however give them credit for trying to up the country's internet infrastructure every now and then but the main problem I have with them is the lack of transparency with how they deal with their existing customers. Lately many of the country's internet users have been experiencing sudden internet cut off at midnight with no advance notice given and no explanation provided after. Many vented their frustration

"You have a lucky face" / "You are lucky" scam.

Re-posting this from my status update on Facebook which I shared the other day on a rather unique encounter.  --  On my way to my car after work today (while doing my Pokestop runs) an Indian fella stopped me on my track and said "You're very lucky. You have 3 lines on your forehead I can see that is luck".   That obviously stopped me for a bit as he approached me and said "You wanna know how I know? I can tell people's fortune. You wanna know your fortune?" Curious me nodded yes while my brain let out a big sigh and told me "That's it, you're gonna fall for this somehow." This "fortune t eller" proceeds to make small talks about how I'm happy but I'm only 40% happy while scribbling on his notepad discreetly. He then crumpled up the paper and made me hold it in my first and said "What I wrote in there, you don't know right?" (cues my no shit, Sherlock! moment) Then he started asking me to pick a n

Foreigner marrying a local Bruneian. A step by step guide.

Time to put this blog to good use again. Seeing that there's hardly any resources online for what one should do when they have decided to marry a local Bruneian, here's what I can tell you in a quick summary.  Brace yourself.  Especially when dealing with the immigration department officials and the paperwork requirement. Despite being married for two years now, whenever I have to make a trip to the immigration to renew Calla's visa, my mood instantly turns sour and I just rage mentally. The repetitive paperwork submissions and the waiting time is absolutely ridiculous and if you're unlucky, you'll be greeted with a " Nombor sudah habis " (Out of queuing numbers) just as you arrive at the immigration which pretty much means, screw you - try your luck again tomorrow! And I shit you not, in order to secure a queue number in the morning, one have to start queuing in line by 6 am at the very least while those working at the immigration department is prob

A little over two years later...

...and I decide to post something up. What's been happening over the last two years? Oh, nothing much. Got married and stuff. No biggie really. No idea what made me decide to visit my blog which then led to the thought that I should really post something up. In all honesty, I was planning to delete the entire blog but as soon as I start looking back at my old posts, I realised how much time I've spent on here just typing away. And it's pretty surreal to re-read my thoughts and life from a decade ago. So here I am, at 29 years old, sitting alone in the room (no, not separated - the missus is back home visiting family on a holiday) sipping away on my coffee cup while my phone is on my side playing on it's own (note: stay the hell away from this game called Summoners War ) and updating away on my 16 years old blog. Hilarious. And for the record, no stones have been thrown, no limbs have been amputated yet in Brunei just in case anyone is wondering.