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What is my new year's resolution?

I've been thinking a lot about what i plan to do with 2011 especially when it's just two days away. I realised that this year i didn't have any resolutions planned out at all so at this stage, i'm not getting any sense of accomplishment. In order to avoid this feeling again next year, i have decided to jot down a few things of what i plan to accomplish next year just to keep myself going. 1. Facebook As said many times, i feel like half or even 3/4 of my day have been sucked into this stupid social network website. Yes, the website may  be a growing necessity in people's lives at this stage where when it is being accessed at a moderate level, it does serve as a useful purpose. However, when you start going on this website trying to "kill time" like me, you'd be begging for more time to do other things at the end of the day. I'm not sure if there are others out there who spends as much time on this website like i do but this year was an absolute

So you wanna be in public relations?

I don't think i've mentioned this here before but i got an email two weeks ago saying i've got accepted into my second option major i.e. television - video major. I'm actually happy about this even though it was my second option major. My first option was to major in public relations which was one of the most popular major in communication studies  but because i didn't get the minimum required score to get into that major, i was pushed into my second option. To begin with, i didn't really want to major in public relations because i've thoroughly enjoyed my video papers during my first and second year. So why did i put public relations in the first place if it's not what i wanted to do? Cause the asian side of me tells me to... I was thinking more about "investing" in my tuition fees. Prior to me choosing my major, a lot of people always finish up the sentence about studying public relations with "...there's where all the money&

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

A few nights ago, i was looking back at all the entries i've made on this blog and was amazed at the amount of posts i've made on a monthly basis. Comparing it to this year, it's a no brainer that my inspiration to blog have dwindled down a lot. I would put the blame ultimately on the amount of time i spent on refreshing on my Facebook page hoping that someone would write a message on my wall or post a comment on some of my pictures. Come to think about it, i really don't know why i spend so much time on Facebook. All i practically do each time when i log on is refreshing pages and clicking on the same old people's page just to creep on them. Once i've gone through the cycle of a few "honorary" people, i'll return back to the same routine and restart from step one but this time, keeping an eye out on my friend's page seeing whose faces i haven't clicked in a while. Speaking about blogging, it seems like quite a number of the blogs that i

GoPhone on iPhone 3GS with DATA!

So you're thinking of travelling to the US but you want a temporary line to use that can get you connected. Sure, there are a few options for you when you get here such as purchasing a GoPhone package that comes with a phone and a new sim card for you. Wait...did you say you've got an almighty iPhone you want to use? Yikes! That was what happened with me last year when i first arrived in the US for my Christmas holiday. I own an iPhone 3Gs and was keen on using it during my trip but after asking around if it was possible to get any sim card that can suit my needs, it gave me a headache literally trying to solve this out. I ended up with getting a monthly prepaid wireless sim card with AT&T that does not offer any data packages. That costed me approximately $25 to get it up and running. The problem for me was, there wasn't a need for me to get any minutes or free texts when most of my contacts are overseas. All i really wanted was to get myself constantly connected wit

Hello from LAX...

I'm currently in transit at LAX waiting for my next flight out in approximately 12 hours time. Just flew in from Sydney on a 13 hours flight using V Australia and i gotta say, they have got the best in flight entertainment so far. I'm not sure if Singapore Airlines uses the same system as i haven't flown with them for a while but i was really impressed with the overall service that V Australia provided especially on such a long haul flight. Despite doing quite a bit of transits and flight connections, i still cannot grasp the art of sleeping on the plane. I barely had any sleep the night before i went on this flight partially because of my already messed up sleeping habits but i was hoping i could be able to catch a few hours of sleep on this trip but to no avail. There was a moment where my head was just starting to shut down but a few minutes later, my butt was just screaming in pain. It was so hard to catch some sleep when every 10 minutes you can feel your butt sta