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Wrong move, buddy!

It's been officially 4 months and 6 days of unemployment. Now this part of making my big move back to the motherland was definitely unexpected. And for each day that passes by, it is starting to get depressing. And truthfully, I am already running out of optimism and praise for my own country. "Where did I go wrong?" That's the burning question that constantly floats through my mind every night before I sleep. My last trip back to Brunei in June 2013, I was actually filled with excitement when I decided it was time to move back here. I've seen friends who once studied and worked in Australia / UK / NZ doing relatively well with their careers locally. People I talked to then,  said convinced me that despite loving the lifestyle overseas, it's still easier to save up when you're back here. And that was what I was after. I needed to save money for my wedding. And I needed to do it fast. "Don't worry, you're yellow IC right? Easy for you

Hello 2014!

Managed to slip in a last minute trip to the border for a quiet celebration with Calla and a few friends to welcome the new year. As I reflect back on 2013, I feel it's been a rather quiet year for me. My highlight of the year would definitely be my proposal to Calla back in June.  And then taking a trip to Bali as a best man for my friend's wedding. Besides those two events, I feel like the first 3/4 of my 2013 are filled with memories of  me being busy with work. And then the remaining 1/4 of my 2013 is of me being a major bum. I sure hope 2014 will be a more exciting year.