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Ruins of St. Paul's in Macau

The St. Paul's Ruins used to be the main facade of St. Paul's Church (Church of Mater Dei) The Society of Jesus has been in Macau since 1565 with a mission to carry out evangelical and educational work. The order initially lived near what is now St. Anthony's Church but soon moved to the area stretching from the Ruins of St. Paul's to Monte Fortress. There, on the 1st of December 1594, they founded the first western style university in the Far East - St. Paul's College. Work on the college and church began in 1602 after plans by Martyr of Japan Father Carlo Spinola (1564 - 1622). It was consecrated in the following year. The monumental facade was completed several years later in 1637 - 40. In 1836, the College and the Church were destroyed in a fire. Only the facade and a large part of the foundation have survived up to the present day and are now called the " Ruins of St. Paul's " In Him

Merry Christmas from Hong Kong!

My apologies for not updating this blog for the past 2 weeks as I'm currently having a great time here in Hong Kong with my family and relatives. It's really been a long time since i've last seen them (13 years to be exact) and it's just so overwhelming seeing most of my cousins being so much older than i remembered and the the guys side all....balding. Lol! And not forgetting trying to get comfortable with my new nephews and a neice which popped out during my hiatus of 13 years. So far, it's been a fantastic trip for me especially with the cold breeze blowing in which is definitely a bonus to add in to the Christmas mood. I just love cold weather! Shopping wise, as predicted i did spend quite a lot for this trip. I mean, how can you not when gadgets sold here are ridiculously cheap and don't even get me started with clothings when everything is on S-A-L-E this time around. :P But yes, i've decided to update my wardrobe a bit since both my brother and sist

Happy Belated Birthday to...

YOU Love you bro! :) In Him

My first IELTS experience

6 hours drive to sit for a paper that determines whether or not my English got wasn't exactly a pleasant one for me. Being a newbie at driving down to KK, both Frank and I had to rely on his printed out route map from BSB - KK which he found somewhere online that helped a lot although certain part of the map doesn't quite exist anymore. But it did lead us to KK eventually. Haha. I've never driven down to KK on my own nor with someone who also don't quite know the way around so it was a little 'adventurous' of us to decide on driving least that was what it felt like when the journey started lah. After the first 3 hours of driving it became boring ...then into the next hour when the rain started pouring, it became... scary . When the sun set and we're only 3/4 into the journey, with the road dark and the rain still boring, it became pure frustrating . But thank God we arrived safely. So how was the IELTS test? Let's just say it was