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Terror that...

Ever since 9/11 , most of the people around the world have been on their toes looking out for 'terrorists' . Before 9/11 , my definition of 'terrorists' would be a team from the game Counterstrike . But it is only after 9/11, i've come to a realization that terrorists are quite real after all. And the worst part is, they're not only situated in one country but rather, around the world. No wonder everyone's pretty freaked out whenever something extra-ordinary suddenly takes place in their daily routined lives. The first thing that comes to mind would be, an act of terrorism ? Like take for example, the recent accident where the bridge in Minneapolis collapsed killing at least 7 people (up till now only could be more i don't know), it was stated that; "Homeland Security Department spokesman Russ Knocke also said the collapse did not appear to be terrorism-related." Events like these, it's understandable that the possibility of an act of t

Movies everywhere!

I simply love Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix ! Like seriously!! Why i love Harry Potter you ask? Well, because Harry Potter gives good advices. You see, at the moment we're going through big climate changes and most of the time it's raining. So Harry adviced us to bring an umbrella wherever we go. Serious la wei! Just check Harry out. Sometimes you need to open your eyes a bit bigger to get the 'subliminal messages' ... Harry Potter and the Order of bringing an umbrella wherever you go these days.. Heck even Emma 'getting hotter by the minute' Watson was hinting me that i should really carry an umbrella. Gosh, that's so thoughtful of her... Ummmmmbrella, brella, ella, ella... Not forgetting whoever's that freaky dude... "I said i wasn't gonna lose my head but then, POP! goes my EYE... " Like i said before, i'm not really into movies so there are certain movies which EVERYONE might be talking about, but me being me, i stil

Rain, rain go away....

If it wasn't for the rain, this post would probably be a review of The Simpsons Movie which i'm suppose to be watching at 10pm. But because of the darn rain, i'm forced to stay at home. Well, not only the rain but rather the road outside my house got flooded. My house area has always been prone to flooding whenever there's a heavy downpour. Despite numerous complaints from residents around the area, there's nothing much the authorities can do anyway. Can't solely blame them too since Brunei's got a really bad drainage system in the first place but you know that's just a nicer way of saying that there's just too much rubbish clogged in every drain around the country. Haha! So what's there to do when you're stuck at home because of flood? "Be one with the flood!" Haha! All the flooding just brings back my kampong memories for some reason. I'm sure most of you who grew up in kampong always have this little excitement in you whenev

The Ultimate Gift

I don't exactly know when this movie came out but i just so happen to buy this DVD last week or so. Well if you did happen to watch this movie already, then you might wanna ignore this review but if you haven't, it's a two thumbs up from me. If you're a girl who likes a bit of lovey dovey plot in a storyline, this you must watch this. And if you just so happen to adore actors like Chad Michael Murray or Wentworth Miller, then i think you might like Drew Fuller in this movie. I'm not a big movie fanatic in case you're wondering which is why sometimes or most of the time , i land myself with really crappy movies. But how i usually settle down with the movies i buy, is by reading the storyline on the back, checking out the actors in the movie (i would usually assume the actors / actresses that i don't really know would be a low budget movie) and looking for critics review printed on the dvd. For this one, the review given was quite catchy. With reviews such as

Chocolate goodness

They say chocolates can help deal with brokenhearts. And surprisingly they are right. Mmm..chocolates.... In Him

Business or I.T?

Decisions. One of the many areas in life which i'm really bad at. Within this week, i have to come up with a proposal to my boss on how to minimize the number of staffs my company. In other words, who to sack and who not to. And i'm on the verge of sacking myself really. It's hard enough to sack a person if they commit a mistake, what more now to sack people just because the company's running on a budget. *sigh* I do not know where life is gonna take me seriously. I envy some of my friends who have their lives planned ahead of them...where they're gonna study, what they plan to achieve within certain years, what they're gonna do after they've graduate and so on. Heck, some even have plans on where they wanna be bury when they die. The other day i went and changed my car tyres at some workshop near my area which was recommended by my mom just because the owner used to know my dad. My mom just so happen to talk about studies and all of a sudden, the owner de


By far the worst movie for Kate Beckinsale to be in. I wouldn't recommend ANYONE watching Vacancy because there is totally nothing to talk about. It's practically more like a low budget movie that has a draggy starting and a really bad ending. And because the movie is so bad, i shall spoil everything here. However, if you die die insist on watching, then by all mean because you're just gonna end up wasting your money. Well, the only thing you'll gain is by seeing Kate Beckinsale who's pretty hot in this film (still think she was fantabulous on Click ) but other than that, it's just plain pointless. Here's how the movie goes... David Fox (Luke Wilson) and Amy Fox (Kate Beckinsale) drives around, got lost. Found a motel, checked in and realized they're going to be victim of some snuff film. (Until that part it already took up a good 40 - 50 minutes of the whole movie. And mind you, the duration of this whole film is only 1 hour 20 minutes!) Then they

Wake up call!

My day didn't quite started off well... I broke my bed while sleeping. Who's the fat man now? I sent my car to the workshop 2 days ago. It was suppose to be done yesterday but got delayed till this morning, 10 am. So being a smart ass that i am, i asked my aunt to drop me off to the office so i can get my foreman to send me to the workshop and collect my car at that particular time but then, i got another sms later saying that the car's being delayed till 3 pm in the afternoon. Now i'm hungry and i've got no car to go for lunch. And sitting alone in the office, thinking about my life and the people around me is making me pretty much depress. Do YOU know who your true friends are? :) In Him

To describe, not to describe...

Last Saturday, while having the usual supper time after our weekly 'clubbing session' , Frank came in and told the group about some car being stolen with a 7 years old girl inside. The instruction given was, whoever saw this car with number plate BU9515, please call the police immediately. Of course with me being the nosy one decided to poke for more details but the ironic thing is, there's wasn't any further description about this so called missing car with girl inside theft. No brand of car, colour of car, whatsoever. Fortunately, the authorities manage to retrieve the car several hours later with the girl still inside. Thankfully she's okay. So today i just so happen to read the news about that incident on today's paper, and this time asking the public to find the car suspect. Ok, good thing now is they manage to give a description of the suspect. So my dear readers, if you know anyone who fits into this description, please hand them over to the authorities


So I did manage to catch Transformer but right before that, something just totally spoiled my mood ALL THE WAY! Damn it! Now i seriously wish my car's a Transformer... Transform damn you! Anyone know any place i can get the car patched up without burning a big hole in my wallet? The one that i usually go to is pretty expensive despite the great skills and accuracy of paint they can come up with. Plus, if i do go there again, it'd be my 4th time within 10 months. I seriously think i should stop driving for the time being... In Him

Oh the horror...

Saw the most inhumane & gruesome scene ever. A car ran over a kitten in the main roundabout right before my eyes today and the worst part of it was that the kitten didn't die on the spot. Instead it was twisting and tossing (and somehow, it literally jumped up and down) in pain and agony in the middle of the roundabout while cars nearby it just stopped and looked thus, causing a slight traffic jam in the roundabout. I feel really bad for that furry little thing. I'm sure it should be dead by now but then can you imagine the pain it had to go through before it died? I think the car sort of ran over it's head or something so the body was still functioning...but man, when i saw that kitten tossing and twisting, i thought it was a dry leaf or something brown-ish flying around. Still can't get that image out of my head. *shudders* In Him

It's Bimbo's day!

I've never quite posted birthday shoutout personally to friends on my blog much before cause you know, i kinda figure they don't really read them but then again, back then a bimbo-bum friend of mine did something nice for me , so i figured, maybe i should do a something a bit nice to her in return. Not much la just a wee bit only. :P Happy Birthday Abigayl Keasberry a.k.a Beebum! Now THAT's purrtyyyy! Yes, it started off as the silly Jocelyn eyes but i guess we're pretty random people. It's been a blessing knowing you though we never quite converse much but i'm sure we'll get there soon enough yes? Thanks for being one of the bimbo-est girl i've known so far...keep that up. Hehe. So, in return, i'll ask you what your daddy's been asking me lately. "Bah bila kahwin?" Bahahahahaha! Pressure? :P I'll see you soon bum. Have a blessed birthday! (P/S: Wanted to post the video of you being so bimbo during the Valentine promo but i got

Flight penerbangan BI Saya nak tidur...

After i've graduated from KDU College from Hotel & Catering Management, i've always thought of trying out to be a flight attendant. Back then i doubt i wouldn't even stand a chance because from what everyone was saying, it seems like in order to be a flight attendant, you'd need to have a background cert saying you were once Ms. Malaysia 1999 or Mr. World 2000 . But at least today, they look more on your qualification side and since i'm holding a Hotel & Catering Management cert, i think my chances of becoming one are quite high since i'm a trained 'hospitality' person and also i'm a Bruneian now. As much as i wanted to be a flight attendant, i honestly didn't know how life being one would be like. There's always one questions in my mind that ponder around and one of them is where do they rest if they're going on a long flight? But, today (*yes today!*) i got a forwarded email from a friend in KL that pretty much answered ev