Study the picture carefully. What do you think the driver of this car have crashed into?

A) A water hydrant
B) A dog
C) The pathway of a building
D) None. The car got vandalised!


kangta164 said…
I wish it wasn't me either... :(
josh said…
Please let it NOT a useless vandal!!
Jr said…
Fire hydrant! If dog.. must be like a bull dog? =P
kangta164 said…
Josh: Nop..Haha...plus, what's the point of vandalising that part? They're not CHINESEEE also..hahaha! Ok doesn't make sense.. :P

Jr: Not fire hydrant. But you're touching on it...will update on next entry...

Yin: Shush..don't make me diss your proton! Milo tin konon...
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said…
aHAH, its a trick question!
the answer is fire hydrant, but..

the CAR did not DRIVE into the fire hydrant, the FIRE HYDRANT DROVE INTO the car.!!

uahah..i soo figured you out, ron. damn, im clever..

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