Dreaming of a White Christmas...

Just a quick flashback to my childhood.

I remember when i was young, i've always been fascinated with what i see on TV. It was especially during Christmas time that my eyes would really glow whenever they start playing Christmas movies on TV2. The snow, the presents, the family gatherings, the Christmas tree, every little thing about Christmas just brings a smile on my face.

Of course, Santa Claus too. Yes, i've actually believed that Santa Claus existed. I could fondly remember once telling my dad that i'm gonna stay up all night for Christmas just to wait for Santa Claus to come to which he laughed and say "Sure, you want me to leave the gate and door open for him since we don't have a chimney?"

Anyway, i kinda grew out of the whole Santa thing but once in a while whenever i come across stuffs about him, i just smile and reminisce about my childhood. But today was different though. I was reading Borneo Bulletin and came across an article on some group of company actually tracking Santa Claus and had been doing that for over 50 years or so. I won't say it's real, but neither would i say it's fake. Noradsanta is the site so you go check it out. After all, it's still Christmas yea?

I still do wish i can play in the snow for once and make a snowman. That would definitely be a Christmas wish come true for me. :)

Merry Christmas again!

In Him


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