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Maybe it's not meant to be...

When depression kicks in, it just seems like the whole world doesn't really matter that much to you anymore. Some say you can just eat it away... While some say you can just sleep it away...which i tried... Turned out to be a long sleep since today is a public holiday and sleeping in till the wee hours of the noon has been my all time favourite 'hobby'. I was hoping to have a pleasant dream to kick out the depression from reality or just to make things seem a bit right at least in my dream , but noooo, guess who decided to pop in my dream? Wow... In Him

Isn't it ironic?

I really hate this... Why is it that when you don't want something no one will want it but when later on you have decide to want that thing, all of a sudden it's like everyone will want to snatch it from you? Sigh...i'm not okay...

Pirates of the Currybean!

Managed to catch Pirates of the Caribbean "At World's End" last night with my friends. Not a big fan of it...don't think i'll ever be one. I think i've watched the very first Pirates of the Caribbean "The Curse of the Black Pearl" which was okay but never attempted the second one "Dead Man's Chest". Been getting different reactions from different people for this one. Some say the movie was great. Some say it was okay. Others would say it's too long and majority would say "Ahhh, Orlando Bloom is so hot!" It was pretty amusing to hear the ladies in the cinema gasp for breath when Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) emerge himself from the water. No doubt he's hot but hey, i thought Chow Yun Fat was equally hot too. Haha... MORE STEAM! MORE STEAM! Afterall, he used to be the God of Gambler back in Hong Kong wat? Heh.. Dou San! I won't say that this is a bad movie. Thumbs up for the great effects and acting. The downside fo

If i ruled the world...

Something random just crossed my mind the other day. I was reading the newspaper on Apple and their new iMac i think when my mind began to compile all sort of nonsense... Then it suddenly hit me. What if Apple decided to take over the world!? Life would go around sounding something like this... i was walking around i Town when suddenly my friend stopped by in his new i Car. i was like "Dude! That's the newest i Car!" So anyway, he decided to give me a lift to i MacD cause i was really craving for an i YamGorengSpicyMacD that day. After eating my 2nd set of i Meal, i had a really bad diarrhoea... i quickly rushed to the nearest i Toilet around and much to my delightment, they've already installed the brand new... i Crap Hmmm.... In Him

Negaraku...Ya Allah lanjut!

Guess who's officially a Bruneian now? All you Malaysian babes looking to get PR in Brunei, come on come on come on! Hahahahaha! In Him

Youth Camp 2007!

Are YOU in? Be part of God's Dream Team at YDM Youth Camp 2007 ! Registration forms can be obtained from YDM itself or leave a comment / message here! Questions? Just ask! In Him (P/S: Happy Mother's Day to all mothers! I'll be really suprise if there ARE mothers reading this'd be one hip momma!)

And the winner is....

Ladies & Gentlemen, presenting a raw talent (and i really mean raw!) found in Brunei's Pilihan Akira Talentine 2007 semi-final, i give you... THE OH-OHHHUGHLY YOU MAN! (Please pause the music on the left side, and click below's play button to play..) Only You.mp3 Only You lyrics the Brunei way! Ooonly youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu... *tarik panjang* Can-de make o this word seeemss raaiiighhtt Oooohlyyy youuuuuuuuuuuu.... Can-de maaake da darkness briiighttt Only youu-ugh and you a-loonneee.. Can treeeat-ugh me like you doooo And fiiill my hard with lub For only youuuu... Oh-ohughllyyyy youuuuu..... Caaan-de makeee oorr this chainsss in meeeeh Foo-urrr it's yuuuuu You arrrrr myyyyy desineeeee.. Whenn you hodd my haaaand i and-derstaandd The mah-jick thaaaat youuuu dooo.. You'rd my dream comeeee trueeee-ugh My one and only youuuuu..... Oh-ah-ohughhlyyyyy youuuuuuuuuu.. *tarik panjang* Caiineeee-deh make o dis chainns in mehhh Foourrrrr it's youuuuuuu... You arrrrlll my des

Mirror mirror on the wall...

Many many thanks to Chel for helping me out with getting this one! After staying for more than 1 year in a mirror-less room, i've finally gotten myself one rather odd looking mirror as what my mom commented. Oh and i got it at a special discounted rate too from Da Wardrobe Inc . I'm special! :P By the way, now that i've come to know about Da Wardrobe Inc , Growing Star isn't "all that" anymore you know? Unless they have plans to bring in Ikea's oh-so-famous Swedish Meatballs, Curry Puffs and Ice Cream... On to the mirror bit, I'm not really a " D-I-Y" (Do It Yourself) sort of guy so I've never really messed much with the whole " D-I-Y" thing until i bought this mirror. Apparently, i've came down to a conclusion that i must at least try to " D-I-Y" myself if not i might turn out to be a disappointing father figure towards my future child. (Sorry if i'm thinking way ahead of time..) Now mind you, getting

Who's stone got pholen!?

Last week, i managed to have lunch with one of my ex- classmate (haha!) who's still currently doing her studies in UBD. It felt great to catch up with her as we were pretty close during highschool, plus it's been more than a year since i've last seen her. I don't know about you guys but personally for me, i do know i have a handful of friends whom i can just sit down and talk to easily without having awkward silence regardless of whether we've seen each other for the past gazillion year or so. It's just like continuing our conversation where we left it yesterday. So there we were sitting and having our lunch when she decided to tell me about her life in the university. I've never been there so i might be wrong but i do notice this (generally speaking).... The population of Bruneians suffering from Brunei "tourette" syndrome is increasing! For those who don't know what tourette syndrome is... "Tourette syndrome (TS) is an inherited disorde