I haven't used the word oh-oh for quite sometime cause lately, there's nothing much to oh-oh about. But now, i dedicate this whole entry to oh-oh about my body.

I had my first blood test earlier on and the results came in few weeks ago but i've only gotten mine last night. Here's what my report says.

The good news, most of my body parts are okay i suppose. But it doesn't matter much really because when there's one problem, that's a big oh-oh and yes, i've got a few problems.

And for the bad news...let's see firstly, i'm suffering from Uric Acid cause the report says my level of "acidity" is pretty high. An average male would have their acidity between 203 - 402 level whereas an average woman would have theirs at between 143 - 341. As far as mine is concern, it's about 502. That's a big oh-oh.

Part 2, i'm also suffering from high cholestrol. This i'm not that shock due to the obesity in me. But i was suprised to find out that a human body contains "good" and "bad" cholestrol. Apparently, my "bad" one seems to be dominating the scene. The report says risk is indicated if result is greater than 4.5 and mine is 4.8! That's another big oh-oh for me.

Part 3, my body is lack of antibodies which explains why i can get sick easily. And also, my body is running out of vaccination for the Hepatitis B which i inherited from my dad. Oh, to topple all up, the report also say i'm dehydrated.

For a 18 year, this is a bit too much and the doc advice that i should really take care of my body. And my reason for such bad results?

I've been staying alone for 2 years without mother's food. But it's a matter of time before i'll be home eating healthily.

For those who tried to guess what type of blood runs in my body, it's not any typical blood that most people have. My blood is considered to be "rare" after doing a few research on my own. It's ABrh+. That, i can't determine whether to oh-oh or not but hey, at least i'm one in a few hundreds with this blood? Research shows in America, there's only 3% of people who have this blood type. Heh..

My advice to all of you. Get your body checked every once in a while for safety reasons. How many of you actually know what blood group you belong to?

In Him


fishtail said…
You high cholestrol? Oh oh.
Unknown said…
babes.. could it be all that chicken u had during the McD's buffet ar? u know the ones that make ur nails shine.. as if they were painted with nail polish.. but of course not la, what the *beep* la kan? :p
kangta164 said…
fishtail: Yeap, high cholestrol at 18 is a big Oh oh!

greencatslie: Nah, i don't wanna blame it on MacD, umm..probably...uh...umm...KDU's Cafeteria food or something...haha! And my comment board doesn't beep out languages..i think...hell...testing..haha!
irmiana said…
oitz! hee. to make you feel better, at 12 yrs old i had high cholestrol - 6.4 :) hee and yeah, it's low now :) abt 4.2 ish. :)

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