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Consumer act guarantee

I've heard of that term before but never really given much thought to it because there's really no such thing in Brunei. We don't have any consumer act guarantee other than the normal manufacturer's warranty or store warranty but then again, sometimes those don't even apply in Brunei. However, after being here for over a year already, i did hear this 'consumer act guarantee thing' that quite a number of people use as a "threat" to return a recent purchase that they are unhappy with. Well, at least most of them are stories i heard from friends but never really encountered anyone using that "threat" to return something... until today. Today a customer walks in to the store and told me he spoke to one of my colleague about his pair of shoes which he return a few days ago to get it replaced. My colleague brought out the pair of shoes which was returned and showed him that the 'fault' has been fixed and was showing him what was done.


Inspiration. :(