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What is my new year's resolution?

I've been thinking a lot about what i plan to do with 2011 especially when it's just two days away. I realised that this year i didn't have any resolutions planned out at all so at this stage, i'm not getting any sense of accomplishment. In order to avoid this feeling again next year, i have decided to jot down a few things of what i plan to accomplish next year just to keep myself going. 1. Facebook As said many times, i feel like half or even 3/4 of my day have been sucked into this stupid social network website. Yes, the website may  be a growing necessity in people's lives at this stage where when it is being accessed at a moderate level, it does serve as a useful purpose. However, when you start going on this website trying to "kill time" like me, you'd be begging for more time to do other things at the end of the day. I'm not sure if there are others out there who spends as much time on this website like i do but this year was an absolute

So you wanna be in public relations?

I don't think i've mentioned this here before but i got an email two weeks ago saying i've got accepted into my second option major i.e. television - video major. I'm actually happy about this even though it was my second option major. My first option was to major in public relations which was one of the most popular major in communication studies  but because i didn't get the minimum required score to get into that major, i was pushed into my second option. To begin with, i didn't really want to major in public relations because i've thoroughly enjoyed my video papers during my first and second year. So why did i put public relations in the first place if it's not what i wanted to do? Cause the asian side of me tells me to... I was thinking more about "investing" in my tuition fees. Prior to me choosing my major, a lot of people always finish up the sentence about studying public relations with "...there's where all the money&

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

A few nights ago, i was looking back at all the entries i've made on this blog and was amazed at the amount of posts i've made on a monthly basis. Comparing it to this year, it's a no brainer that my inspiration to blog have dwindled down a lot. I would put the blame ultimately on the amount of time i spent on refreshing on my Facebook page hoping that someone would write a message on my wall or post a comment on some of my pictures. Come to think about it, i really don't know why i spend so much time on Facebook. All i practically do each time when i log on is refreshing pages and clicking on the same old people's page just to creep on them. Once i've gone through the cycle of a few "honorary" people, i'll return back to the same routine and restart from step one but this time, keeping an eye out on my friend's page seeing whose faces i haven't clicked in a while. Speaking about blogging, it seems like quite a number of the blogs that i

GoPhone on iPhone 3GS with DATA!

So you're thinking of travelling to the US but you want a temporary line to use that can get you connected. Sure, there are a few options for you when you get here such as purchasing a GoPhone package that comes with a phone and a new sim card for you. Wait...did you say you've got an almighty iPhone you want to use? Yikes! That was what happened with me last year when i first arrived in the US for my Christmas holiday. I own an iPhone 3Gs and was keen on using it during my trip but after asking around if it was possible to get any sim card that can suit my needs, it gave me a headache literally trying to solve this out. I ended up with getting a monthly prepaid wireless sim card with AT&T that does not offer any data packages. That costed me approximately $25 to get it up and running. The problem for me was, there wasn't a need for me to get any minutes or free texts when most of my contacts are overseas. All i really wanted was to get myself constantly connected wit

Hello from LAX...

I'm currently in transit at LAX waiting for my next flight out in approximately 12 hours time. Just flew in from Sydney on a 13 hours flight using V Australia and i gotta say, they have got the best in flight entertainment so far. I'm not sure if Singapore Airlines uses the same system as i haven't flown with them for a while but i was really impressed with the overall service that V Australia provided especially on such a long haul flight. Despite doing quite a bit of transits and flight connections, i still cannot grasp the art of sleeping on the plane. I barely had any sleep the night before i went on this flight partially because of my already messed up sleeping habits but i was hoping i could be able to catch a few hours of sleep on this trip but to no avail. There was a moment where my head was just starting to shut down but a few minutes later, my butt was just screaming in pain. It was so hard to catch some sleep when every 10 minutes you can feel your butt sta

Ironic is...

Working at  Rockport for the past five months have taught me a lot of things about footwear and feet. For example, many people normally have one foot bigger than the other. I've heard this before so it didn't come across as a huge surprise but it is fun to see people some of my customers putting on new pair of shoes and saying that one side of their shoe is tighter or looser than the other. Whenever that happens, i would normally reply with the standard quote "Oh well, everyone gets that one foot bigger than the other syndrome" and smile away. The only time that comment messed me up was when one of my customer puts on a totally different size shoe and saying that one side felt extremely tight that the other. Without checking, i just used my default quote hoping to put the matter to rest. Few minutes later, we both realized he's got a size 10 on one side and a size 8 on the other which made me felt really stupid. Another thing i've learnt from working is w

There goes my $20k for the year!

I'm officially done with uni for the year! Not for good but just for my second year. Despite repeating this every year, i really think this year went by so quickly. Looking back at all the papers that i sat since the start of the year, i honestly have no idea how i got through but i'm glad i did and hopefully i'll be able to carry the same attitude until i finish uni for good. That's me trying to convince myself that i did put my fees to good use for the year. Results are gonna be out in a week's time and i personally think i did relatively okay for the final exams other than my Public Relations paper which was a bit challenging. What makes it worse is the fact that i chose Public Relations as my first option that i wanted to major at the start of the year but judging on how my assignment and exams went, i don't think i'll be able to make it in. Anyway, we'll just see how my results turn out and let the uni decides. As for now, i'm sooo happy that

Documentary: Money4Jam

Considering i've put in so much effort and time on filming and editing this 3 1/2 minutes documentary, i might as well post this everywhere. This is part of my Communication Studies course in AUT University which is under video production. And now, Pearl Jam's "Last Kiss" is gonna be stuck in your head for the next few days. Muahahahaha!

Adam Lambert's "The Glam Nation Tour" Live in Auckland 2010

As sad as this may sound, Adam Lambert's concert was officially my first concert that i attended since coming to New Zealand. I've been here for about a year and a half already and so far, there had quite a number of big names that have performed but i never really bothered...mostly because it wasn't my favourite genre of music. I've always admired Adam Lambert for his vocals ability ever since he auditioned for American Idol back in 2009. Especially during these days where auto-tune is so overly used in the mainstream music, you really need to applaud this guy for his natural talent. After the finale of American Idol, despite losing to Kris Allen, i knew that was all the publicity he needed to get a record deal in order to release an album and sure enough, his first debut album "For Your Entertainment" was released six months later. But of course, that was also followed with his whole sexuality  bit which got things stirred up while he was competing for I

Lesson from dad

I remember this clearly when i was out having a meal with both my parents and a friend of my dad at a fancy restaurant during the early stage of my dad's diagnosis with pancreatic cancer. This was probably late back in 2005 or early 2006. My dad's friend always loves to pay for the bill insisted that this meal was on him and asked around what we wanted to have. For some reason, when you're a kid, you always get asked first by your parents' friend. And me being me, i was always indecisive with what i wanted so when the question was thrown at me, i just politely said " Anything's fine with me ,"or to be specific, in Mandarin i said " Sui bien. " At this point, my both my dad and his friend started giving me a lecture about the answer i gave. I specifically remembered my dad saying "That sort of answer will not get you far in life."And me being 18 - 19 then thought it wasn't a big deal and felt a little annoyed that i got an earful o

APL*ITUNES 866-712-7753 on your bank statement? YOU HAVE BEEN SCAMMED.

[Update 17Jan2018] - Wow. To think that 8 years later, this scam is still going on as I'm still getting the odd notifications every now and then with comments on this post. TLDR: If you guys stumble upon this random site because of the APL*ITUNES 866-71-2-7753 charge on your credit/debit card, call your bank immediately and report it as a fraud.  If you have an iTunes account and have any bank cards associated with it, you might wanna beware. I normally check my bank accounts every now and then just to be sure that there's nothing fishy going on in there and of course at the same time, just like many of you *secretly* hoping that someone might accidentally transfer $1 million to my account as well. I've had a few cases of credit card frauds happening and so far, banks have been very cooperative with disputing transactions and issuing me a new card (especially my local bank, SCB Brunei. Well done!). So today, i checked one of my overseas bank account and found out tha


I got me a haircut. It's shorter now.

Skyswing at Rotorua, New Zealand!

Been far too long since the last update but i hope this hilarious video will make up for the lack of updates. My girlfriend's in town since last month and she'll be heading back to Michigan in a week. It's been quite busy for me trying to juggle time between uni, work and dating but so far i think i handled it pretty well. Here's an edited footage of me, Calla and Josh doing the Skyswing up at Rotorua two weeks ago. Josh thought it'd be funny if he can pull the string to release the swing when we least expect it but somehow, he ended up with some fail moments for us to laugh about. This was definitely worth the money and trip for us. OH-EM-GEEEEE!!

Consumer act guarantee

I've heard of that term before but never really given much thought to it because there's really no such thing in Brunei. We don't have any consumer act guarantee other than the normal manufacturer's warranty or store warranty but then again, sometimes those don't even apply in Brunei. However, after being here for over a year already, i did hear this 'consumer act guarantee thing' that quite a number of people use as a "threat" to return a recent purchase that they are unhappy with. Well, at least most of them are stories i heard from friends but never really encountered anyone using that "threat" to return something... until today. Today a customer walks in to the store and told me he spoke to one of my colleague about his pair of shoes which he return a few days ago to get it replaced. My colleague brought out the pair of shoes which was returned and showed him that the 'fault' has been fixed and was showing him what was done.


Inspiration. :(

I said what what...

I love reading comments on Youtube. They make the video much more funnier. I should compose a song called "Stick a finger up your butt...and smell it." WHAT?? WHATT????

The almost 40 year old virgin

Sooo if you haven't know yet, ever since i got kicked out of the student apartments , i've moved in with a friend who was kind enough to offer his place. I remembered when he picked me up from the airport, he told me a little about this other flatmate of ours, her background of where she comes from, how she has her little 'rituals' in the kitchen of certain things being certain ways and also asked me what i thought about single woman in their mid 30's coming to 40's staying alone, not married or dating. In order not to offend any of the readers who might be under that category, i shall not say anything but i did mention to my friend that as long as i keep the kitchen clean, respect her privacy and have some common courtesy, i shouldn't be too worried about upsetting her. I've been staying here since March and guess what? Today she *finally* snapped at me for the very first time...over a freakin' bottle of mayonnaise. Why i said 'finally'

Dream interpretation: Tooth loss

I had a dream last night. I lost my front tooth. So i went on ' the google ' (as George Bush would say it) and searched up on what that meant. Too bad i don't know any David around here who can interpret dreams, but thanks to the ' internets ', this is what i found... Tooth loss dreams are profoundly disturbing and extraordinarily common. The dreams take many forms from teeth shattering like glass to crumbling away. But how they disappear is not nearly as important as the disturbing feelings their departure leaves behind. Tooth loss dreams are symbolic of the deepest fears human beings have. Here is a guide to understanding the meaning of these dreams. Fear of Death and Growing Old Think about when teeth fall out in waking life -- when children become adults and when adults begin aging. Therefore, losing teeth in dreams may be symbolic of fears of growing old or fears of death, and may occur when one is ill, nearing a milestone birthday, or preoccupied with m

Working man...part time!

Hi. Next time if you plan to go shoe shopping, please be nice to the person serving you. Don't make them grab you 92324042045834349340233021 pair of shoes with all sort of sizes and walk out without buying a single pair. That is just unacceptable. 

Mid Christmas thought...

So, Subway currently is having a mid Christmas promotion around New Zealand where they give out freebies each time you swipe your Subway card when purchasing your favourite subs. You could win movie tickets, flight tickets and other goodies the moment you swipe. I won a free drink. Woohoo. Anyway, that's not the point. When i read the poster advertising about the whole mid Christmas thing going on, two things crossed my head. 1. Someone in Subway must've been annoyed that Christmas in New Zealand is ALWAYS hot so they just decide to come up with a mid Christmas promotion during this winter. You know, just to give you that real Christmas feeling with the whole cold weather. 2. Joy to the world, the Lord is come. That second thing there, has actually been on my mind more when i started singing that song in my head. The Lord is come . I'm not exactly accurate with my English but when a sentence sound off, i know it's off. For this Christmas carol, we've all been

Lonely in a crowded place

What type of friend are you?  1. Social networking friend: You can relate very well only via Facebook and Twitter. You 'hang out' and 'bond' by writing on each other's wall and tweeting back and forth every few days if not daily and feel like you have an inseparable bond. Your usual hangout spots are usually at a place that has a # in front of it or at a photo album.  2. Superficial friend: The type of friends where you meet every now and then but each time you go home, at the back of your head, you ticked off the usual questions checklist that you expected them to ask. "How are you?", "How's your week/weekend been? / How's your week/weekend looking like?", "Any plans?", "What are you doing for -insert day/date/time-?".  3. Friend: Genuine.  Hmm. 

Home snack sick...

Anyone here ever come across the saying "You'll never know what you have till you lose it" ? It may come in form of relationships, families, friends, things and for me right now, food. The one thing that i tend to find myself doing is spending money food i can get back home for half the price of which i'm spending here. I'm not talking about the usual nasi lemak or fried kueh teow food but it's more of the little stuffs that you don't realise you miss till you actually see it. The last time, i spent $3 on a pack of biscuits which i can probably get it for a few cents back home. What biscuits you ask? The biscuits that will definitely get you addicted when you start munching on just one. Ok since i can't find the pictures online, i might as well just draw them. I'm sure those who used to have them when they were kids would know which biscuits i'm talking about. Jewel biscuits or something like that. Noobs would probably think i drew some col