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If coffee and energy drinks can't keep me awake...what can?

It's 3am right now. I'm typing this entry while lying on bed praying that I can fall asleep anytime soon. It's been a long day for me today and I know I'm physically and mentally drained but the problem is...I just can't fall asleep. Same case happened to me last night. As a result, this morning while crewing for my friend's shoot, I roamed around the set like a zombie. I thought I had a restless night of sleep and assumed I had one of those sleep where you close your eyes for 8 hours but you're still awake the entire time. So after a restless night, I thought I would be able to fall asleep easily tonight but for some reason, I'm still wide awake. Then I started tracing back on what I've took in the past few hours that might possibly keep me awake at this time. In less than 5 minutes, I discovered the culprit. My cup of tea... When I'm sleepy, I can sleep through anything. As far as I knew, caffeine got nothing on me. I can normally drin

I frequently think about death...

I'm not gonna lie but since young, i've always been thinking about death. Not that i'm suicidal or anything but the thoughts are usually filled with curiosity. Sometimes whenever i think too much about it, i tend to scare myself and end up getting sweaty palms and an increased heart rate. Plus, the topic about death itself is pretty depressing so it's not ideally a topic to talk about with your friends nor is it an ideal table talk discussion over dinner with family. Imagine if your dad comes home, sits down on the dining table and instead of asking you how your day was, he asks "So, what do you think about dying?" What about death do i normally think about? There are a few thoughts that i constantly think about and they are mostly linked to each other. Let's start of with the first one; the feeling of being dead. Not my question... We all can feel everything right now. But what happens when we're dead? Can we still use our senses like how we n

Bruno Mars: Doo Wops & Hooligans tour live in Auckland

Bruno Mars' last stop for his Doo Wops & Hooligans tour ended with a bang in Vector Arena, Auckland! This will definitely be classified under one of the best concert i've attended to. Aside from knowing the fact that this dude can REALLY sing and was recently caught for possessing cocaine , i didn't have much expectations. But after walking out of the arena tonight, i'm amazed. Well, partially cause he spent six minutes singing "Just The Way You Are" and kept repeating that i'm amazing just the way i am. Bruno Mars fans.. The crowd was filled with enthusiasm as well despite the cold weather tonight. Thankfully, we didn't have to queue as long as how we had to for Adam Lambert's concert . Once we got inside the arena, we were in for a treat. We saw Bruno Mars walking around freely. "Bruno  Mars  Jupiter" Lol! This guy had people turning their heads for a second cause he did have a bit of resemblance to Bruno Mars himsel

The Road by Road of Resistance.

I just turned 24 years old. If you didn't know, i'm currently majoring in video production from my Bachelor of Communication Studies. I'm hoping with my major, i will put all that i have learnt into producing documentaries. Documentaries for a cause. Any good cause that the mainstream media does not have time for. And for my birthday wish this year,  i want all of you to spare me 45 minutes of your time  and watch this clip. After that, all you need to do is grab the link and share it on whatever social networking website accounts you are on. THE ROAD from Road of Resistance on Vimeo . Honestly, it's docos like these that inspires me so much. Hidden stories that the world really needs to know and be aware of. For those of you who breathe sighs of relief after hearing horror stories from the past (such as Hitler and the Nazis and the Japanese soldiers during the Japanese occupation era) and think to yourself saying "thank god that was in the past&q

Review: TruePower Inc's ThinSkin for iPhone 4

If you own an iPhone 4, chances are you are either using a case of some sort to protect your precious phone or you're using a bumper. Me? I prefer mine naked...well, maybe not entirely naked but i'd say with an underwear on. Like Superman. Yes, i like to exaggerate. :) While it is a risk for me to go "commando" with the iPhone 4 , i felt with my last 3GS i actually spent so much time making sure it's well taken care of and it'll always be in a hard case so in the event of it being dropped, the phone will still look good as new. After a year of being careful with my phone, i eventually sold it off (for a pretty good price too, mind you!) and upgraded to this. And the cycle continues. After getting myself this, the first thing i did was to jump right into getting all sort of accessories to protect this phone. Although this time, i find most accessories for the iPhone 4 not too appealing as compared to accessories for the iPhone 3GS.  But barely afte