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New Year, Same Me.

Happy New Year 2018! And here we are. The year that is 2018. It is the second week into the new year and so far, all I've been up to these days is lay on the bed. And I don't even feel bad (for now). I felt like 2017 went by so quickly that even right now, I'm struggling to think of what my personal highlights were for the year. But I can definitely say, closing the year in Michigan with family was the perfect way to wrap the year up for me. How the trip happened is kinda worth sharing. It all happened right after I had a confirmation date on when I'll be leaving my job with the bank. Right after I had my discussion with our HR department, I started feeling somewhat depressed that I'll soon be jobless and had to start from square one again with job hunting, interviews, first impressions, etc. My mind went straight into panic mode on spending my December with resumes and scouting around for job opportunities. And if all goes well, hopefully I'll be able