Have you seen my childhood?


This is a picture of me and a really really close friend of mine when I was 6 years old and she was 7 years old. I've always hated the fact that she's always a few months older than me because everytime when we have to do something together, she will always say "I do first coz i'm older than you.." I've also always hated the fact that my parents love to compare her with me cause she's always better than me.

Back then, she always have her way of torturing me. Each time i went over to her place for a visit, or she comes over to mine, i will always try my best to put up with her, not to make her angry, not to say anything mean or else i know i'll end up getting small little bruises over my arms. Her 'speciality' was in pinching. Really really painful pinches that burn your delicate skin.

Our mothers were really close and they still are. We've had our little talks about how we were already friends even before we were born. We have probabbly met when our mummy were pregnant with us. And we went on and on about how I sent 'signals' from my mummy's womb to her's and vice versa. We were always mistaken for siblings back in school despite the big differences in our surnames. Sometimes, people thought we were cousins whereas those who just met us might think we were a 'couple'. But we were just friends...

We've always had our own little fairytale to share about. And among all, the best i've always loved is about Mr. Knock Knock Head that's on the pillow in her mom's car. Each time i followed her car, she would always hand me that special pillow with Mr. Knock Knock Head on it.

13 years later...

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She just celebrated her 19th birthday a month back. Once in a while people still mistook us for siblings, while some just assumed we were cousins. But we're just friends. Sometimes my parents still compare me with her but i don't mind anymore. Whenever we can, we would just sit down and talked about our childhood memories, about where we've been, what we've done and just laughed about it.

She's just went back to Australia last month. During my time in KL, she was the only one that frequently chat with me about random stuffs. Sometimes we would just go on and on about how much we missed our mom's baking and cooking. She's always there when i needed someone to talk to and she's always cheering for me whenever i joined various competitions. She's always giving me encouragement but thank God she have stopped giving me her pinchings.

19 years of knowing her and there's so much i can say about this girl but hey, she might just be a friend from your point of view, deep in my heart, she's more like my sister.

In Him


fishtail said…
Wow, what a nice post! I am sure she will appreciate what you just wrote, well done!!
juice said…
i had a german childhood friend once. but one great childhood friend was john james, yes, believe it or not. used to go over to his house for tuition and we used to play this ninja turtle game on nintendo. he was young and cute but i donno about now! muahaha and then we had trips to hong kong together and stuff... :) great to know that you've got a great friend by ur side.

see ya donut boi
TH said…
I used to have a japanese primary friend back in my US days. Oh, we lost touch, how sad. Glad to know some friendships goes on withstanding time.
kangta164 said…
fishtail: Thank you Sir!

juice: At first i thought you were referring to John James as in John James the one that used to be in SAS. :P

twisted heels: That's so sad. Hope you'll get to find out his/her whereabout soon. Thanks for dropping by!

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