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Racism in European football

After my last post, i've received a few encouraging messages from friends and even people i do not know who were victims of racism and discrimination. I thank you for sharing your stories and advices with me. Although what happened to me might not be "too big of a deal" for some, as a blogger, i still feel there is definitely a need to blog about this unfortunate experience. One of my friend also sent me a link to this short video that really shows the severity of such shameful acts in the world of European football. Definitely worth watching. "Laundry is the only thing that should be separated by color." ~Author Unknown

My first asian racism / discrimination experience in Auckland...

I've heard stories about it. I've read about them on the newspapers and seen it on the television before. But i've never encounter it personally. At least not till last night. Last night after a quick night out with a bunch of friends at a club, we decided to stop by a hot dog stall for a feed while we were on our way to the car. As I wasn't feeling too good after a long day at work, my head was screaming for me to go to bed. I decided to pass on grabbing a bite and stood next to the stall while waiting for my friends to get their feed. As i was waiting, I took out my iPhone and used the front camera to check if my face was looking any red from drinking and quickly put it back in my pocket before someone starts thinking i'm some vain freako. Just as i put my phone away, i noticed there were two girls sitting in front of me, facing towards me and eating their hot dogs. One of them saw what i was doing, leaned over to her friend and muttered something. All of a su

Two years :)

Two happy years. Here's to more. I love you. :)