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Do I Make You Proud?

I've never been the one to raise my hand, That was not me but now that's who I am, Because of you I am standing tall, My heart is full of endless gratitude You were the one who guide me through, Now I can see and I believe it's only just the beginning I guess I've learned to question is to grow, That you still have faith is all I need to know, I've learned to love myself in spite of me, And i've learned to walk on road I believe This is what we dream about But the only question with me now Is do I make you proud? Stronger than I've ever been now, never been afraid of standing out, Do I make you proud? Do I make you proud? I miss you, pa. Always and forever. 

Fancy a laugh?

Live, Love, Laugh.  

This makes me appreciate everything around me more.

Live. Love. Laugh.

Job hunting day #18 in Auckland, New Zealand.

It's been 18 days since i got back here. So far, I've applied for most , if not all of the production/television related roles I've found online. Rejection emails i have received so far - two. The optimist side of me tells me that it's still okay because I have yet to hear from the other applications I have submitted while the pessimist side of me is telling me I should've changed my last name from Cheng to a European sounding name for some of my job applications. I can understand why employers might brush off applicants with Asian sounding names cause truthfully, there are quite a number of Asians here who still sound fresh off the boat with their English. But then again, being fresh out of uni after two years of writing academic essays that makes me sound like a sir, shouldn't they at least consider us? I know I'm still at the early stage of my job hunt seeing that most of my friends who have been living here for a long time took at least a few mo


A couple of hours ago, my Facebook newsfeed started showing a lot of my friends sharing this video on their wall. My first thought was "Oh, another viral video on Facebook" . And then i noticed it's about 30 minutes long so i assume it has to be a short documentary. True enough, the whole KONY 2012 video is a documentary condemning the acts of Joseph Kony using Uganda children as his soldiers. And of course such video will normally have appeal to "spread the word" or "donate" to help fund this cause. After watching this entire video, of course I had to share this on my own Facebook wall to continue the virality. I mean instead of some brain dead jokes and memes from 9gag, it's not everyday you get to circulate something educational with such a great cause. And then comes drama. I forgot there are always people out there who tend to question everything or are a little skeptical about stuffs like these. Not too long after I posted my video, a fr