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Malaysia Boleh!

I read this from Pip's site and couldn't help but to share this piece of news with you guys. The very first pirated song that was founded in, it's definitely not V.E or Ruffedge...nor is it Siti Nurhaliza either. It's way before our generation. It's non other than our very own national anthem! You know that Malaysia's anthem "Negaraku"? Yeap, i said's pirated. Can't believe it? Go check this out. Who knows the Brunei anthem might turn out to be one of the Beach Boys one hit song or something. *scrambles off to do research..* In Him

Snip Snip

I've always looked forward to hairstyling. I'm always fond of fancy hairstyles but always have the fear of cutting my hair because usually, no wait, 99% of the time the haircut I want just doesn't turns out right. Don't you just love those days where when you were kids (for guys mostly) that whenever your mom wants you to go get a haircut, you would just look for the nearest Indian barber shop and snip probably less than $5 and walk away? I used to do that until one day i sort of had a phobia of those razor thing that they use to shave your sideburns off. In case you guys didn't know, I have this little mole near my ear, and each time the barber start shaving my sideburns, I'll always picture my mole, getting shaved off by them. So since then (when I was around 12 i think) I told my mom, no more Indian barbers. My mom back then was a frequent saloon customer. You know where permed hairs were the 'in' things for the ladies, the bigger the prett