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The Coffin

Synopsis of the movie... "Inspired by a true Thai ritual of lying in coffins to cheat death and get rid of bad luck, The Coffin is a spine-chilling supernatural thriller about a man and a woman who are confronted by a series of paranormal and terrifying incidents after going through the bizarre ritual. Thrilling, mysterious and ultimately moving, this new film from the award-winning director of Beautiful Boxer is also about the beauty of life and death, living and dying. Starring Karen Mok (So Close), Ananda Everingham (Shutter), Andrew Lin (The Heavenly Kings) and Napakapa Nakpasit (Art of Devil 2)." My verdict? Save your money! Go watch Highschool Musical 3 (not that i've watched any of it yet...don't think i will but i still think the money would be more worth spending on that show as to this) or something else that's showing in the cinema. Probably it's exciting for Thais to see Karen Mok's appearance in their local cinema screens but to compare thi

Coz breaking up is hard to do...

Recognize anyone of them? Hehe. In Him

Grab a coin and 2 forks...

Remember this toy? Here's a "remix" version. Same principal, different concept :) In Him

I hate meetings

Meetings are held just to waste your time but yet at the same time, make you feel as though you've accomplished something when all you did was talk and talk and talk for a long long time without any actions being followed up after that. At least, that's what i'll define our local government meetings . Yesterday, i had to attend a last minute 'compulsory' meeting on my company's behalf after the whole speed boat crashes into a vessel incident on Sunday . By the way when i say last minute, it's like they fax a memo over to you saying there's a compulsory meeting at 2 pm on the day itself. That's how last minute it is. But that's not the frustrating part of it. Before i go on, first let me tell you why we're involved. If you've read this report, you'll see the report saying that it (the speed boat) hit a floating vessel. When it comes to floating vessel, it'll involves us i.e. those who works in the quarry business because we hav

Think about what you can store with this...

The other day, i was just asking good ol' Timmy about investing in a 500 GB hard disk which i happened to come across when Sarah wanted to get one before she left for UK. I was quite keen on getting one already until just now, when i saw Bit Computer selling a 1TB hard disk. What was that? Oh how big is 1 T u B erculosis ? *coughs coughs* (lame! lame! i know, i know!) It's freakin' 1000 GB!! Gone are those days where almost each gig costs you an average of $10.00 . Ah dang, if only i haven't deleted all my series which i downloaded ages ago. T_______T In Him

Butterfly Lovers - Wu Chun fever anyone?

Wu Chun Returns Home To Promote ‘Butterfly Lovers’ By James Kon Bandar Seri Begawan - Brunei's home-grown movie star, Wu Chun , will be returning home with his costar of 'Butterfly Lovers', Charlene Choi tomorrow to promote the movie here. Wu Chun will be catching a flight from Singapore to Brunei via B1422 and is expected to touch down at 1.05pm while Charlene Choi will be arriving via B1636 from Hong Kong at 6.30pm. Movie-goers who have watched `Butterfly Lovers' exclusively at The Mall's Cineplex are advised to keep their ticket stubs as the entrance pass for the "Meet the Fans" session with both stars at The Empire Theatre at 8pm tomorrow. Reporters from Hong Kong TVB - the most popular station in Hong Kong - Ming Bao Daily and hundreds of fans from Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong will also be flying in to Brunei to attend the event. The organisers and sponsors for the promotion are Greencity Concept Sdn Bhd, Brunei Tourism, Royal Brunei Airlines

Ano Bayan!?!

Anyone ever been in a situation where you just simply don't know how to give a proper reaction? Picture this. You're in the elevator. 2 gay dudes (you know them well enough to know that they're gay) come in and one of them pretend to bump into you in a friendly but yet weird manner while the other just laughed. Suddenly one of them stands next to you and freakin' holds your hand... What the....? In Him

Congratulations to....

You & You on your very long & anticipated engagement! I love you two!! And because i love the both of you that much even though you guys are now officially engaged, that doesn't mean i'll stop being the lightbulb. Yes, i shall always be the lightbulb in between...FOREVER! Muahahahahaha! F-O-R-E-V-E-R! ! Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! Hehe. On a serious note, my heart is just filled with joy knowing that the both of you are going to start on a new journey very very soon. I can't wait for the church to publish the bans of marriage between you two. *shrieks* In Him

Moving on...

Handing this over to my boss is definitely one of the hardest thing i could have ever done. After months of consideration, prayers, advices and more prayers by God's guidance, He have finally given me the strength and courage to give this to my employer who have well taken care of me for the past 3 years. I know it's only been 3 years for me in the quarry but handing this simple letter over to him was really hard because this whole quarry business have somewhat been in my family's history for the past 20 years? All i remember is when growing up, there's always stones and rocks involved somehow. I don't know what's so interesting about them but dad sure knows his rocks and stones very well. Honestly, part of me feel really really really horrible for doing what i've done and that i've somewhat let my dad down. But then again, will i be able to to go on doing what i've done another next 5 years? 10 years? I probably can but will i be happy? No. Will i