Gong Xi Fa Chai!

It's the year of the dog. And yes, i really do miss good ol' Milky. To all my readers, Happy Chinese New Year...may this year of the dog bring all of you great health and luck!

So i manage to make myself a 'personal things to do list before Chinese New Year' and i manage to do most of it. Well, pretty much all of it i think just that the results are not that promising.

And, seeing that most of my friends, have got their driving license, i decided to rush things up by pushing myself to the limit of doing two things at one. Right after finish painting my room, i went and sat for a mock test for my law exam. Thank goodness, it was just a 'mock'! Totally flunked it. But then again, i don't feel that bad seeing that it's just a mock and having this tiny little reassurance at the back of my head saying that probably half of the roadsign that were on the testpaper today doesn't even exist on the roadside of Brunei.

Aside from me sleeping and suffocating myself slowly with the smell of Delux paint in my room, all is well.


In Him


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