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Anyone ever sat for an IELTS test before? Is it hard? Is it soft? Haha. My English is getting bad so i'm really worried that i might flunk it if there's a need for me to do the test. In Him (P/S: Reach quota for the month! Yesss!)

I is...

"Woooopeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" The smile of a bummer... In Him


I've got 3 more working days to go and then, I’ll be officially done with work. At this moment, the feeling I’m getting is more on a ‘super stressed out – why the heck am I still doing this thing’ level rather than the ‘kick back, relax and watch people suffer’ mode that most people usually said would happen during the final week of work. Grr… Or maybe that’s just because there’s no more internet in the office…haha. Speaking of offices without internet, is it really crucial that all companies must / need to have internet connection to like survive or something? Somebody was ultimately surprise when I told her that my company does not really use the internet. Well, actually we don't need internet at all but i just requested it so i can 'work' like most of you guys. Haha. We’re like stuck in the 80’s still using old ledger books and stuffs. But really, i'm sure there's someone here that's working in a company that does not have internet right? Or better sti

Officer Dribbles

Not sure if i've posted this before. In case you're wondering who that white dude is, he was my classmate back in college during my years at KDU College . Just so you know, he actually bought those retarded police toys while walking past a store on the way back to class from our lunch break and he's always coming up with some nonsense to entertain people or himself. But i do get humoured by him a lot too then. He's just too funny. And of course, you can see me there like 4 years ago or something? Ah, the glorious days of studying hospitality. In Him


Saw this sign when i was sending a friend home. It's kinda funny if you misinterpret it. Well, i always do anyway. :P In Him


Resident Evil + 28 weeks later + Cloverfield = Quarantine . Yeap, this is what you'll get. During my Cloverfield frenzy earlier this year, i found myself the original version of this movie remake which is called [REC] and man, it was / is still one of the best horror movies i've ever watched in years. Plus, i didn't even know that there was going to be an English remake coming out so it really took me by surprise when i saw this poster being displayed at the cineplex. It was only when i saw the trailer , it clicked that this was going to be the remake of the Spanish one. The best part of this English remake is that they literally narrowed down all the horror details from the Spanish version, re-enact the scenes and added more gory / scary stuffs into this one. Of course the problem for me was that i've watched and loved the Spanish version so i kinda knew where the scary part would be. Then again, all of that can be compensated by just enjoying Jennifer Carpenter'

Improv Everywhere

Man...i just love these people doing random stuffs at random time. Talk about giving motivation and inspiration to the young ones eh? Hehe. In Him

Can we? Can you? Can I? Can? Can!?

Past week have been filled with the word elections, Obama, McCain and more Obamas. Even this week's episode of South Park was about the Obama and McCain elections...of course with a weird storyline. Ah, let's see how long this whole Obama "Yes, we can!" phenomena is gonna last. Speaking of Obama, there was this news i heard about Kenyans naming their kids after him and his wife when he won the election. The most dodgy bit is there's one woman who gave birth to both a boy and a girl and naming both of them "Obama" and "Michelle". On the side note here, I'm sooooo looking forward to Christmas this year. It's going to be my first Christmas with my family and relatives in Hong Kong which i haven't seen for more than 10 years. Ah, excited excited! With my family back in Hong Kong then... I can't really remember much about my childhood there other than this little round cake thingy that they sell by the side of the street. My aunt r

Hotel 626...

2 more months and it'll be a brand new year...yet again! Thankful to be alive, thankful to live through another year and thankful that Christmas is coming! I'm looking forward to the upcoming next 2 months as i'll be doing a lot of travelling after i'm done with my job. Woohoo! Found out this interesting online game last night. Anyone ever played Hotel 626 before? If you love games like Resident Evil or Fatal Frame, you'll enjoy that short freebie game...except for the loading part. It's a bonus for you if you also have a thing for movies like Blair Witch and Cloverfield. It'd be cool if in the future, games will be in real life format instead of animation. Speaking of Blair Witch and Cloverfield, i am sooooo looking forward to this movie coming out this month. *shrieks* Let's see if it's going to be better than the original Spanish version [REC] . I mean come on, it's the Exorcist woman acting. She's freaky when she make her psycho scream