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Apple MacBook Pro RAM upgrade for dummies...

I'm not really a tech person when it comes to computers but when it has something to do with money, the super asian side of me will try and find a way to minimize any unnecessary costs. I've been using this current MacBook Pro for about a year now and not long after i purchased this model (2.66ghz Intel Core 2 Duo) about a year ago, Apple announced the release of their MacBook Pros with the new Intel i5/i7 chips in it. If you're an Apple user, you'd probably have the same bittersweet relationship with their products just like me. Just when you thought you've got the latest and fastest product, lo and behold, Steve Jobs will suddenly announce the release of a better and faster product than what you've already have. Ever since the release of the new models, I've been eyeing to upgrade my 2.66gHz MacBook Pro to one of the models with the i5/i7 chip in it simply because I (insert whatever reasons i can think of) . But thankfully, the sensible side of me kn

Kaipatiki Project

Ladies and gentleman, this is what i have been keeping me busy for the past few months. After days of shooting and endless nights of editing, i am proud to present to you my very first corporate video  masterpiece! Although i'm so proud of what i've done, i gotta admit i'm already sick of watching this thanks to the endless hours of re-watching and analyzing clips over and over again. Lol! Added on 08/06/11: After giving a copy of this video to my client, i got a call from the manager of Kaipatiki Project asking me if i was a Christian. I told him yes. And then he asked if i'm okay with him swearing. Not going to lie but my heart skipped a bit thinking that i might be in for a scolding. He then said "I just watched the video not too long ago and i think it's f**cking awesome! ". Phew!!