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Jason Mraz "You Are Loved" Live in Auckland 2011

Imagine if you’re a huge fan of Jason Mraz, attends his concert and holds up a banner that says “Please sing Lucky with me!” The next thing you know, he sees your and banner and calls you up on stage. That was what happened with one lucky fan that evening. An Asian girl by the name of Esther scored big time when Jason Mraz saw her sign and invited her on stage to an impromptu duet session to cover Colbie Caillat’s part for the song “Lucky”. As nervous as the whole audience in Civic Theatre was for Esther, she definitely surprised everyone including Mraz himself with her steady vocals. Of course, after the show i managed to find out that she was Korean. And we all know one fact for sure...Koreans can sing. Well, not all at least. I actually didn’t know that Jason Mraz was performing in Auckland until my flatmate (who is a harcore Mraz fan) told me about it. While I have to admit that i’m not a massive fan, i do enjoy his music and know that he’s a great entertainer when perf